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i am a video game/anime/sprite comic loving, and all around nice guy.

MY favs.
Video games:mario,zelda,kirby,megaman,sonic,harvest moon, kingdom hearts. (mostly nintendo)
anime:most comedy,action,adventure,fantasy,and sci-fi
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what better thing to do with what little free time I have than to answer random question

first page where you can ask questions:
July 12th, 2013
then the question is "how are they standing if they are divided?"
just gotta love how link's mind works. now I just wonder how funny this will all end.
@Sapar: hey maybe its Dark mind Seeking his Revenge :3
squishy in the last panel probably saying "WTF just happend?!"
im using internet explorer and i can't see it
keeping the theme with musical names

Pizzicato-string intstuments that are picked instead of bowed (what ever that means)

i just nickname him pizza
@Nick Cypher The Flames: i tend to be random with the line thing for instence my debut page didn't feature a defined ground and this one did. really i only do line if its storyline oriented. i don't add line normaly if it one or two character or if we'll need randomness later on
Terry got tired of walking and some how teleported above Genderman, saving Razor(female) in the prosses
@The Bomb Master: i don't recall Djoing get any a few pages ago
Terry somehow stumbles into blank world and easly gets lost
stringed together in about an hour
i feel like the next page is going to be cuccoo-kirby chasing green link
ok so is it a joke or did you all really give up
I always wondered about this but if it's gamma where are alpha and beta?
@8-bitSilverSnake: wait for it.....
@kingdomguy15: here!
*giant fridge of giant-y fridgey-ness suddenly appears*
anyone got butter for the popcorn (Grabs deit coke from drink pile)
7.7 i just did two seprate games and joined stormcloaks in one and imerials in another
@Djoing: QuickDjoingMan
i feel like the hippo would be a funnier fight for some reason.

go hippo go