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Some bastard stole my wisdom tooth on the day after thanksgiving.
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September 26th, 2007
Moar plz
cute a nightmare before christmas fancomic!
:O hazzy is a furry? Oh noes!
Mexican food is like the city bus for creepy crawlies :D
Now Ash will have a magic tutor and a meat-shieldery tutor? She will be the ultimate weapon :O
I wish this was a real holiday, it would be cool to carve ice every year, like pumpkin carving only your hands get wet and cold instead of gooey and itchy.
heehee GURLS R KRAZAY. I should go read more pure caffiene :D
im looking foreward to more comic!
November 30th, 2006
I always like to see a manga/anime type style that is actually somewhat individual. Very nice!
I wish I had a dragon to get me pie.
It was COMPLETELY worth it. I want to live in the pretsel room!
Fight my little stickstereotypes! Fight to the DEATH!
Well that was like the easiest kidnapping ever. :D
Yay for blood!

Bo is such a sissy girl. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH. And your style is one of the best manga-type styles I've seen on the whole internets! You win at arts!
July 1st, 2006
Oooh! Just read the archive, great comic!Keep it up :D
Beautiful art style! I look foreward to more!

Translation: Update quickly or I will eat your liver.
I love your style but I wish you'd up the contrast. It would make it easier to see.