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sspeedo th
I am Speedo th and I am African American.
I like having fun and comics.

My comic skills are getting better.

I got a few characters:
Lyriz (inactive)
Shadil (inactive)
Zak (active; main)
Other I don't use anymore

I got some friends.

Alex the Dark
Bazinga! (MXD)

(Alot of others)

None XD

I consider myself a help to noobs. So don't mess with them or you're messing with me.
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@Cascade: my phone don't wanna do right
@Cascade my phone is too crazy
@Cascade: autocorrect not working
@Omnimon630A: I ain't know u was black too

Btw i uploafed my sprites this motning
If I'm ever yelled at again I'm gonna get angry.
So don't
@Cascade: u and punchy are now officially members of team Dramaticy
@Cascade: u got a team of ppl use dem
@Cascade: I think We should change Zak vs Retro Cause Thts not gonna go anywhere
@Cascade: Zak was fighting Retro then Retro left him behind
Zak's kinda lost ATM no one uses him
@Cascade: I mean.... Zak has like disappeared
In the last few comics
@Omnimon630A: I got an idea pm me
@Cascade: Wht happened was He clicked with the transparent tool on gimp

You'll need to Turn the threshold down to 0 or reshade those spots alittle darker
@Cascade: Correct

I blurred them with motion blur
I finally updated ^_^

I tried the new font...Needs work