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I was just thinking the other day how we haven't seen Izzy's pet hyena in forever! So good to see Baby again, even in passing.
Honey, this is the longest this boy has managed to stay awake consecutively in one page, enjoy that while you can.
From what I've been told by former co-workers who were originally from Florida . . . She's not wrong.
@Guest: This is my favorite comment I've ever seen on this comic.
September 14th, 2018
I'm pretty sure you could blow Darcy into bits and she wouldn't die. Darcy is eternal.
September 3rd, 2018
@DoctorGlasgow: I'm not a comic reader, but I can imagine . . .
September 1st, 2018
@A non comic reader: Based solely on what I've read in the comments and seen in this webcomic, I believe the issue is that new comics come out in Wednesdays, which falls between normal payday days for most people, and that the distribution of popular comics isn't evenly dispersed, making it incredibly difficult for hardcore buyers, and probably buyers in particular who don't live in major towns and cities with a big comic shop/book store, to obtain the series they like, and they're left with whatever the distributors decide to send to their area.
I've missed Frankie and her ghostly marshmallow of a boyfriend.
Once had a manager finally tell a woman who tried to do this to literally get the hell out, we didn't care that it was Christmas Eve and she hadn't done ANY shopping for her five kids, we don't live here, nor do we exist for the sole purpose of letting her spend the next several hours shopping.
August 15th, 2018
@stryph: Darcy must defeat this being and assert her dominance.
@Guest: There are definitely worse ways to go.
@Guest: Hey, Darcy is a sophisticated lady. Darcy would never say something so crude. Now apologize before Darcy crushes your head like a melon between her mighty thighs.
@raephium: The "horse" that's mentioned a while back. He's a soldier from the war.
I feel like Izzy could and would just buy the franchise to get that last toy.

Also, most places I've ever been to with kid's meals will sell the toys separately (often for close to what the meal itself costs or more) for this exact reason. People collect them, especially when it's a popular series/franchise/etc. (I actually went to five different McDonald's restaurants in two states collection a certain set once . . . In the same day.
How most people take criticism in a nutshell . . .
I would just like to point out that is apparently what Calixta looks like to Max ALL THE TIME. THAT IS WHAT HE CHOSE TO DATE.

Actually, I could see Max dating her even if she didn't look like a demon in this eyes.
@Candy2021: I had forgotten you were the Flamingo Joe person. Thanks for the reminder.
@OmegaVortex: Not quite what I meant, especially since in this comic just about anything goes. (Well, anything within reason.)
With the way Renee's hair goes rigid when she's agitated, I am honestly surprised we haven't seen SOMEBODY in the house put that to use . . . (Len using her hair as an antennae back in the day doesn't count.)
I just wanna say that I've actually been hit on the ass with one of these things before and it STINGS.