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@maciapaladin: We've seen Renee with no makeup I believe WAAAAAAAAAY back when they first crashed a plane on the island that later became their current home and we're stranded for a while.

But yeah, that's definitely Renee.
When you're not even into trading cards bit your friend is a huge Magic fan so you know that Black Lotus reference . . .
@Nu: Thank you, I couldn't think of that to save my life.
Can someone remind me of this guy's name? I know who he is, the guy Noah competed against way back when in that tournament that was an homage to at least least three different card games, bit finding remember his name, or what pages he appeared on to be as to find it.
@MageOfTime: I can't wait until I'm an old broad to tell the youngsters the horror stories that were living in the times before digital money was the only form of money. You know, assuming we don't nuke ourselves to death before then. I'm not holding out much hope.
Someday, vending machines won't even take paper money anymore, and I'm going to have to glare angrily at the new generation who will never know the struggle of not being able to get the machine to take your damn bill . . .
@AngelofBacon: Len is sitting on a picnic table bench.
@Guest: Calixta is the purple-haired girl who Max is dating. I think this girl is named Bee?
Hunchback of Notre Dame reference . . . ?
I can't stop smiling at this.
*excited screeching*
April 27th, 2018
@Sheilkuroi: I was so happy (and confused at first) to see this in my updated list! I missed this comic so much.
@ByTheBook: Pretty sure the Winchester boys beat you to it.
I don't mind needles when they're giving shots, but having to watch and feel them drawing blood? Uh-uh, fuck that, I'm done.
@Karma Kay: This comment still makes more sense than most things in my life.
I can't be the only one who feels bad for her, right? What was her name? Vicki? I mean, yeah, her brother is a psychotic murderer, but he might very well be all the family she has . . . And it's never easy when a family member goes to jail.
Hiro's face throughout this whole thing is priceless.
March 26th, 2018
You've gotta love Renee.
@Karma Kay: Maybe it's because I'm giving in to the insanity, but this comment makes sense to me . . .
@PeregrinePorkchoP: He's also Izzy's resident old school Cuban mercenary who "takes care" of her unwanted guests.