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@Falconer: Next time he suggests puppies, draw kittens instead.
@Falconer: When in doubt, just make it look like the picture. Close enough, right?
@Falconer: Actually, a doctor told me how to tell if I'm actually hungry. When your body is actually hungry because you need to eat, you'll actually feel "hungry" in the back of your throat. (I know that sounds strange, but once you start paying attention to your body's signals you understand what it is.) If you don't feel that, it means it's hunger from boredom or depression. Since I learned this two years or so ago, I've lost nearly thirty pounds. It might not sound like much to some, but I've done this without changing WHAT I eat, only when. It's helped me figure out when my depression is trying to rear its head again because I notice when I'm getting "hungry" for no reason, and food is how I used to deal with it.
This actually happens to me a lot. I start drawings, but I rarely finish them. But just the process of drawing makes me feel better, so I don't worry over it all that much. Just the process of drawing makes me feel better, so that's what matters to me.
@Falconer: No, you murdered them and left them to DRY.
Goat's milk hand lotion. Sounds weird, but it works.
I'm afraid I would have had to hurt him . . . Or lock him outside.
I just choked on my caramel at this one . . . I swear, I love Oliver.
What is it with animals? They start to get sick, and IMMEDIATELY run to the carpet. It doesn't matter if they're on a tile floor in another part of the house. They will ALWAYS run to the carpet, stop, puke, and then go back to where they were before . . . Or is that just my cat?
Literally experiencing this right now . . . My package is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but while I'm at work . . . And now my anxiety levels are through the roof . . . *sigh* Neighbors better leave my package alone . . .
If I don't lose something down my shirt at LEAST once a meal/snack, I've probably forgotten to actually eat whatever it was I was planning to eat . . .
I usually just fold the two over and turn it into a pizza sandwich when I get two stuck together.
If it makes you feel any better, I can't even wear concealer, because even the lightest one I ever found, "Pale Ivory" (which was almost white), was to dark for my vampire-like skin . . .
Literally every time . . . Except I buy entire book series (or at least however many volumes the store has in stock).
I understand this completely. I had to stay home sick yesterday because I literally could barely stay coherent and functioning long enough to actually call in to work. And then I felt guilty as sin for it because "But what if things got really busy and they needed me and I wasn't there to help and- and- *hyperventilation*"

And I was only scheduled to work 3 1/2 hours . . .
Can we talk for a second about how FIIIIIIINE Shiro looks in that last panel?
I miss this comic . . .
This is how you know you've had one hell of a night . . . Or you've made poor life choices.
Heh, last time my family tried to get the people in the restaurant to sing to me on my birthday, I got up and left the table in the middle of the song . . . I TOLD them not to, but they didn't listen.
@Mechanicalpenguin: Was that a ghost joke?