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@evilnidhogg: His legs have been shown, but usually only partially. I think they may have been shown fully in the three-legged race cars weeks back, but I'm not sure.
Part of me thinks that rushing into things is a bad idea, since these two have to live together for the next several months, but part of me also REALLY thinks Kim needs this as much as Kylee does, if for different reasons. I think they are both starting to feel something for each other, yes, but I also think Kim probably really needs a night (or multiple nights, considering this IS a BL comic) to sort of find himself and unwind a little with someone who he trusts, because despite Kylee being a snarky little shit, even he wouldn't out Kim to his friends. He understands that not everyone around them is as understanding as Wes, Charlie, and Dylan, who don't even know about Kim.
I think my favorite is a place in either Virginia or West Virginia where the Lion's Den, Southern X-posure, and Denny's all share a billboard pole. So you got Denny's advertising being a family restaurant sandwiched between the local gentlemen's club and the sex shop, which are all located in the same parking lot. Just let that sink in for a bit.
Feels like we haven't seen some of these characters (like Calixta) in forever! Also, I was Bee as a kid . . . "Ooh, a big rock! I'm gonna climb that and then JUMP OFF IT!" That's how I wound up in the hospital with a torn muscle and stress fractures in my lower right leg . . .
Kim, it took you this long to notice he had no sunscreen or hat? Particularly the hat? Sweetie, either you need your eyes- Uh, EYE checked, or you just wanted to see Kylee wear your hat.
I'm a Patron on Patreon, so I know where this is going.
December 29th, 2017
@malektorche: I just snorted so hard at this I almost shot Smartwater all over my cat.
December 27th, 2017
I feel like some of us relate to this page more than others . . . *clears throat awkwardly*
I miss Calixta. Anybody else remember her?
@Scarlet Spider: Here you go:

I'm gonna take it you missed a few pages?
December 19th, 2017
@malektorche: Why can we not "like" comments on SmackJeeves? We need that function.y
December 14th, 2017
The fact that THIS is what can keep Hiro awake for more than five minutes is . . . interesting.
@Lunch: Fun Fact: That same manager is now being investigated for inappropriate conduct with the underage waitresses. I'm so glad I don't work there anymore.
November 27th, 2017
Hang on, those pamphlets in the first panel . . . Isn't "Pepis" a type of drink/soda in this universe?
@Micahjjg: Admittedly, that does change the story quite a bit.
November 11th, 2017
There's a place called The Lion's Den I have to pass when going to visit my great-grandfather, but it's an entirely different type of place. Let's just say, there's a REASON it's literally right next door to the Adult Superstore. (Calling The Lion's Den a "gentleman's club" would be putting it a bit mildly.)
@Micahjjg: That was Asher, this is the guy who is part of Izzy's board of directors, the one who turned gay because of the Bro Code when he and his buddy were both banging the same girl at once and the balls touched.
Looking at her face, I don't think the ice cream machine is the only thing that's broken . . .
This isn't even the weirdest letter he's ever seen, I guarantee you.
90s back to school commercial, is that you?