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A somewhat generic geek.

To contact me for the comic Hero-Slay send private messages on this site or send e-mails to:
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    Thomas (Turtle) DaMaude
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Haha, and you guys thought I was serious about Mysterious Stranger being Necromancer.
@Alienoid: Who is he, indeed? ;)
In the comic Finding Yourself, Player Z brought up a good point that needed to be addressed.
Aww, nobody got the Schrödinger's cat reference...

@Alienoid: Don't you feel the excitement?

EDIT: Oh, this wasn't supposed to update yesterday. Sorry, no comic for todat.
@ServantofCygnus: Yes. If you recall, Fine Fellow died during the chat with Necromancer, and is now living. Technically, you could find anyone or thing that has died before in the Realm.
@ServantofCygnus: Pretend those little red and white rectangles are cards... And that they're playing poker.
@Player Z: I originally meant for Necromancer to have a creepy smile as Fine Fellow came to, but I decided against it.
My logic is that this is a 2D world, so if you continue walking in one direction, you should be able to find anything. Unless, of course, you need to travel through a portal.
Note that Fine Fellow is level one, therefore 5 hp is the normal amount. Also note that the mummy is level 273.
And we're back on track! Sorry for the days delay.
@lstaff4: Yes, that was the intention.
@lstaff4: It's kinda like a wig. There's no 'real' hair in the game per-se.
@WorldKeeper: Yeah, you're right. These NPC's would probably be quest based. Although you wouldn't be able to replicate Fine Fellow's quest.
@BlueZero12: Ah! You have just found one of the magical things in the world of Hero-Slay. NPCs will be intelligent to a point. NPCs can follow you around if programmed to do so and can give you items if programmed to do so. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to be.
The sarcophagi are based off of RuneScape's Engraved Sarcophagus.
@Player Z: Nah, he's just a friend that follows him around.
@gameboy+micron: Haha, maybe he rolls his face around while sleeping.
Sidestory #1
And now, since the Hero-Slay server is down, and Rob Hood is blissfully face-keyboard sleeping, we come to the first sidestory. The Fine, Kind Fellow is a story of how a man named Fine Fellow gets along in the world of Hero-Slay.
This is in real life, if you couldn't tell by the computer. His face is also planted on his keyboard.
@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: That was a gag used back in 'Blending In'. He's supposed to be the same color.