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Congratulations :)
@Amapora: Facebook is good for gathering more fans and sharing stuff, I find Twitter good for instant updates and stuff. I like how the Facebook page looks by the way :)
Do you guys also have Twitter?
February 26th, 2015
Happy Birthday :)
January 24th, 2015
He needs to realize that he can't have both worlds, if he's gonna be with Tessa he can't be getting mad at Tonomi for going on with her life how she wants
The new site design looks amazing :)
Why is he so mad?
Glad to be back.

Yeah I haven't be able to upload for a couple months now and it's been getting to me to try to get it done. I've also noticed that looking at the archives, I've uploaded much less this year compared to the past years, there's a couple reasons for this. Since I'm in my final year of highschool there's not a lot of free time I have inbetween all the assignments and deadlines as well as stuff for preparing for graduation. With December being my busiest month due to end of the semester tests and assignments and Christmas around the corner, it can start to get hard to make time to makes comics (even basic no-effort ones like these).

Sorry to be gone for so long, hopefully my schedule stabilizes in the rest of the year.
True story that happened to one of my friends, they stayed up all late studying for a physics exam and fell asleep in the middle from exhaustion only to wake from the clock falling off the wall. It was a crazy sign that saved her from sleeping through the whole exam
I thought that was just with butterflies
Super weird watching two bees going at it :| ...
Lol sorry for being gone for a while :)
Sorry for not updating in a month, the first couple of weeks of school got pretty busy and some stuff had to get sorted out
My Troll Life turns 2 today!

***NEW WALLPAPER on the way***

Edit (August 23rd, 2014):Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes :)
The camera couldn't catch it, but the lights were actually really bright.

Sorry for the delay, kinda ran out of ideas 😕💭
@plasma_knight303: thanks for faving 😄👍
@andreya225: that's some story 😮,I liked it 👍