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Raelynn's the name and messing with morality is my game. Currently attempting to make my art seem more natural, interesting, and gay(m/m).

Oh, and as warning, I'm pretty much insane in the membrane. No filter, a bit obscene, pretty blunt, and a little crazy. It takes a patient person to deal with me, but I hope you find me worth dealing with. <3

Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.
-G. K. Chesterton
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LOLOL. Oh gawd. I was listening to Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known as I opened this page and it was all 'I didn't know where this was going...' I scrolled down to see the last panel and it continued 'Until you kissed me.'

That. Was. Epic.
The actual scene, not so much. Noooo don't kiss him you creeper. /SOB
Totally thought it looked like fapping. XD

AH! But I was actually /just/ wondering about that that's amazing timing. xD
Idfk I laughed so hard at the second panel, but it amused me and brought a "Men" from my mouth.

;A; Ahh, I'm going to note you on DA because I have fanart to hand you~
Hell yes I'd buy a copy of this. <3
No, Imageshack, no!

It couldn't handle the sexy.
It's sad how much I can relate to this in reverse. Except I don't have a brother to introduce anyone to.
sdfjsd. This comic is so entertaining. WHY YOU SO AMAZING CHUCHU?
I don't know why, but the cute little expression on his face gave me butterflies. B'aww. <3 I like this page. Very well executed.
I'll be's going to be sad not to be checking for this update every day. I really loved this story--it was cute and well paced, always entertaining, and definitely well drawn! <33 I hope there will be another once this one is over!
November 27th, 2010
LOL. Please don't delete this! It totally made my day to see this. It's a cute little 'extra' page to run into while reading. <3333
LOL. The Horatio line made me think of Hamlet, placing Mika into Hamlet's emo shoes. <3

This is so cute and upbeat. I love it so farrrr. <3
I think his mother is my favorite character.

True fax. <3
LOL. I totally thought it said 'hump' until I read someone's comment pointing out that it says 'thump'. XD

What a perfect page for the one year! Nearly come full circle...I hope?!
That's the sexiest shit eating grin ever. Oh him. ;D
I can say I was shocked at how your started this story, but unlike Shanghai-Nim, I can see how it really gave us a clear image of your characters(and the positives to starting it like thus). The art on this is fantastic, and I'm already hooked and curious about what is going to happen next. Can't wait for more updates. ;D
I don't usually comment, but this is absolutely adorable and I couldn't resist.
Roooose. <3
I'm looking forward to the rest!