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I just love drawing cartoons, my name is dabney , when I'm not drawing im working with my little brother who has autism.

my work is also on dabbycats at

my email for fan mail is
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its me from

just leting you know u r in my favorts list on this sight
new comic
cant wait for the next comic
Ahhh adults should have an s at the end and I misspelled beer

Ill fix it
o.k I know this varies from couple to couple but I figured someone would relate to how Christian and Jun are being judged when hand holding is soooo less offensives then the couple on top of each other. And we all have been to the movie and had to suffer threw a couple like that putting on there own show. 
Oh man I forgot to color in Juns eyes
the early vershtion of Minni mouse she was topless, weird uh ?
Oh I almost forgot will Jackie ever see her flying sting ray friend again?
How did you post this page in front of your begging chapters? Iv tryed doing this but it only works if I delet a page that was there befor? Sorry to keep bugging u with questions , but I admire your work
well... looks like we know that turky isnt on the meun fotr this wearwolf
Ok may not be the right choices of words to use
Awe so cute , that should be your next greeting card
When do we get to see more of this story, I'm dieing to see what happends next
Not keeping quite when doing what???? That's the real question
Sweet so we finily get to see what he looks like as a wolf , can't wait
I love there noses, sooo cute !