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Crisco is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites! Well played, kind sir! Get rid of a potential basket-case that was weak, get two new allies in return!
Damn! I was hoping Rosemary would last longer than this! Still, at least now nobody can claim she was evil!

Eli, for all of his annoyance, really did pull this off well! Sexy is truly clueless!
........... I think I now hope Eli is out. I can see him getting REALLY annoying quickly if he isn't booted.

I just don't see how Rose gets the boot this round (kinda like I don't see how she's evil like a couple have guessed.... she seems like she'd be too obvious of a "Surprise Villain".... if that makes any sense)
And with that comic, I have determined the following:

Rosemary: Already one of my favorite characters and we've barely seen her.

Bradlyn: An excellent character, I hope he survives a long time.

Paine: Yet another favorite. I'm loving the Hobbes vibe he gives off, I'm beginning to hope he's the winner this season. The potential of him screwing with someone's mind at any given time has too much potential for humor.

Crisco: Very smart guy, too smart. I see the red herring winner storyline with him. As in we're expected to believe he will be the winner, but won't

Eli: I thought he'd be annoying, but I'm kinda digging him.

Moe'Mi: So random

Honey: Another fun character,somewhat like Ryuia, but more awesome

Tialayla: Seems eh so far

I think I got all the important characters out of the way, (Sexygirlxo: PAY.ATTENTION.TO.ME! Me: No)I can honestly say this is my favorite tribe in SFC history!
Juicy's gonna be a pretty entertaining character for however long he lasts. I can already guess that SWSU had a blast with this guy.

This tribe already seems like a fun one (which is really good since I thought the other tribe would be more interesting). Gonna be a good season folks!
Lol so how's Sunflower supposed to vote someone out without thumbs?!
Rosemary: I'm gonna like this character a lot! I doubt she's out early, but there's no way she'll win as mentioned. Later boot.

SexyGirlXo: Oh lord. Out very quickly, maybe even first.

Sunflower: She shouldn't last long either, but I think she'll at least last a couple episodes.

Tialayla: Seems promising, but for some reason, I see her being a flop character.

Whitney: As boring as she seems, she really had a good introduction in the preview as others have said. Miss Animal Lover is on the right season and seems likeable. Possible winner maybe?

Mariano Tribe: Angel, Artemis, Casey, Claus, Dwayne, Flay, Juiced Up, Sunflower, Whitney

Hantz Tribe: Bradlyn, Crisco, Eli, Honey, Moe'Mi, Paine, Rosemary, SexygirlXo, Tialayla

I feel like the story at Mariano Tribe will be a power struggle that wipes out most of the males (Casey, Claus, and Juiced Up. I say at least 2 of them are goners before the merge). The potential for Furry Takeover seems high.

The story at the Hantz tribe is that this is definitely the clusterfuck tribe. Crisco will probably be the leader per say, but he's gonna be in for a bumpy ride. By the way, guessing a possible Bradlyn/Rosemary showmance, calling it now.

Gonna be a good season!
Well this is an interesting group of people, that's for sure! I think we are going to be remembering this cast for a long time!

Flay: He's another one that probably shouldn't last very long, but will. I predict he'll just miss the merge, but will be a very popular character.

Honey: Another good character. This superfan will do MUCH better than Eli, maybe even be the winner!

Juiced Up: Ok, I laughed at this character, so I hope he lasts a little while at least. We're all going to hate him, but he'll be one of the more entertaining people on a season with a lot of good characters!

Moe'Mi: Anytime Probst predicts someone to lose quickly, he's usually wrong. I expect Moe'Mi to annoy us for a while. Yellow tribe's looking like the ADD tribe for sure! Poor Crisco, lmao!

Paine: No clue. This guy could very easily be the winner or he could be a surprise early exit. I predict that A) I'm gonna love this guy, and B) He makes it to the end game area.

RED: Angel, Artemis, Casey, Claus, Dwayne, Flay, Juiced Up

YELLOW: Bradlyn, Crisco, Eli, Honey, Moe'Mi, Paine
After my first read-through, I found this season to be the worst, mostly because for some reason I found it boring. I don't know why, as it is an eventful season, but I think the cast is a big part of it. My second read-through helped a bit, but it's still my least favorite so far. I just don't care for this particular group of players. Characters like Gate, Marius, and Maria/Mo were fun,and I really liked Joseph, Amy, and Sin,but the vast majority of the rest were duds in my book (Victor, Phoenix, Miranda, Amber, MTL especially).

The twists were very interesting this season, as I liked the Curses concept a lot and I feel like it helped this season move along and kept it from being boring.

But while I still enjoyed SFC 5, it was a little bit of a letdown. Still though, 4/5 good seasons is still an excellent rate!
Claus: He may be bright, but he won't last long. That ego problem that they mentioned will be the death of him. Does he have a ponytail?! If so, now I get a rocker scientist vibe about his looks.

Crisco: He's still my favorite character 8 players in. I have a good vibe he's gonna be memorable. I also think he's in the game for a while. Won't win, probably going to be the big villain at some point, and will suffer a humiliating blindslide.

Dwayne: Hmm..... everything about him screams first boot, but I have a feeling he's gonna be around for a while. He may actually even become a heroic character by the end.

Eli: Gone early. There is no way he's winning this. I do like that he's from SFC though, good use of imagination there SWSU and I'm actually not being sarcastic.

RED: Angel, Artemis, Casey, Claus, Dwayne

YELLOW: Bradlyn, Crisco, Eli
First group's okay. Tribe names.... it's different for sure.

Angel: Probably will last a while actually. I'm guessing she goes deep.

Artemis: Other than the male sounding name, I think this one could be a decent player.

Bradlyn: Probably my favorite so far, which means he'll likely be out of the game quickly, (that or med-evacuated).

Casey: One of the first boots

Red Tribe: Angel, Artemis, Casey
Yellow Tribe: Bradlyn
The first read through of SFC, I had this pegged as my all-time favorite season. I still feel that SFC 4 holds up as one of the best seasons you've done SWSU.

The Fans vs. Canons twist was unique and it worked well. The fact that the last pair hated each other yet were smart enough to work together is pretty neat.

The characters from SFC 4 are among the best ever. Minerva's tactics would never fly in the real show (especially the Lucky vote), but she is to SFC what Parvati is to the real show. The hot flirt that uses her looks and charm effectively to her advantage. P. Bear is one of my all time favorites too, and like Minerva, he deserves credit as a true Fan Character, since he doesn't have a real personality in his games. And finally, Barney is still to this day my all time favorite winner. Maybe not the funniest or even most memorable winner ever, but I like that the nice guy won in the end. Barney's actually a character I could see on the real show, which probably helps his case. The rest of the cast was solid too! Joe, Lucky, and Lilly in particular stand out for me. Really, there were only a couple of duds this time out. (Shiki, Julia/Rebecca, Luke- I know he was popular with the other readers, but found him a bit lame personally. Very happy you scrapped the "Final Vote must always be close" deal with this one since Luke never would have had a chance in reality).

The drama was amazing in my first read-through, though in re-reading it, a lot of the votes were pretty big stretches. But that's just petty stuff, overall, this is still one of my all-time favorite seasons ever! Great cast, lots of drama (maybe too much, lol), and a very satisfying ending makes for a very happy reader!

Yet another fantastic season SWSU!

(BTW, I like the subtle foreshadowing with Trent. After his first shown injury of running into the shelter, he's told by Rebecca that if she ever got voted out, he'd be med-evacuated within a day. After she was gone, Trent was med-evacuated just 2 days later)
Here's a question for you SWSU: Considering that this is your own fictional Survivor game, have you ever considered doing a season of more than 20 castaways? I think it could be an idea worth looking into, kinda expand beyond the limits that the real show has, especially since you aren't being held back by a TV station's schedule, lol!
@LandenMaster: To be honest, having never played Mass Effect, I haven't the foggiest idea. Maybe Humans vs. Inhumans....
This was up quicker that I expected! Looking at this...

Female 1: #Hashtag Girl is probably out quickly. Just here to be annoying before she's outed by the legit players.

Male 1:Potential Hero character, he'll be interesting to watch.

Male 2: He's either gonna last a long time or he's out early for not caring enough. Meh character.

Female 2: Noble idea to face your demons, terrible place to face them. I could see this one out before the merge, but happy she went.

Male 3: My favorite out of the preview characters by far. I'd call him the winner, but I won't for a reason I'll explain later. Definitely my pick for the true villain of the cast.

Female 3: A My Little Pony Character?!?! Didn't see that one ever coming! At least she's going to be out early, WAAAAY too naive.

Male 4: For those who like to try to guess how the season will go this early on, this guy's confessional should make it clear, none of these 8 are winning this season. If you're gonna have someone bring up the whole "being in the preview means you're one of the only choices for winner" thing, it's pretty clear SWSU is hiding the real winner from this preview. The character himself seems like Joe from All-Stars, except on crack, lol!

Female 4: Meh, seems boring. Possible sweetheart character. We'll have to see with her.

Lots of Furries this season. I wonder.... Humans vs. Furries? That'd be pretty funny and probably the closest thing we'll ever get to a Cook Islands type twist, where the races were divided.
Just re-read this. Gotta admit, you done did well on this season SWSU! It's interesting, there really weren't as many laugh out loud moments like season 1, but the cast was so good, it never at any point got boring. Quite possibly the best cast you've ever done 10 seasons in.

The story was great too, and this actually really felt like something I could see playing out in the real show. Yeah, Marty's lie would probably never fly in the real show, but it is a great idea. And while you'd think it would be next to impossible for someone like Montana to win after wanting out on Day 3, other winners have wanted to quit before (Jenna from Amazon)so it could happen.

Looking at when you wrote this, it's kinda eerie actually. You basically wrote the story of how Russell Hantz lost Samoa nearly a full year before that season aired. Getting beat in the end by his own goat, a goat who understood the social aspect of the game whereas Russell (or Baxter in this case)only saw the strategic side of the game.

Other than a few flops (Minnie, Beth, Delta) nearly everyone was a hit character, and that's hard to do with 18 castaways! Loved Baxter, Violet, Hope, N, and after this read through Montana, everyone was great!

Well done SWSU!
This was an interesting season. My first read-through, I found SFC2 to be somewhat forgettable on a whole, it wasn't as funny and a lot of the cast were bland. Having read through this again, I still think this wasn't as funny as the first season, but my opinion on SFC2 is higher now. Whereas in SFC1 there were a lot of WTF logic? moments, this time just about everything made sense, even the big game-changing moves like the F7 tribal council were well written and made sense. Really the only oddball moments for me were La Bira's 9 way vote, (they were the Brawns though, so I guess that works) and Gus basically quitting over a sprained arm after he fought so hard to survive for so long. Other than that, amazing job. I still find this cast a little more bland than last time, but the ones that were hits were among the best characters you've ever done, (Vinnie, Bitsy, Mary, even Ellise since she was a fully developed character and not one note). Very well done this season SWSU!
Re-reading all of the seasons. I've always liked the first season, as I felt it was one of the funnier ones you've done. To a degree, it still holds up well, (thanks to Craig in large part). I will note that as others have mentioned, there are some rather unlikely situations (Sky's bluff that got Bea out, Sky somehow buying an idol clue without people getting suspicious, Sky getting Merideth out with his weak excuse... actually a lot of Sky's move are pretty questionable lol), but considering that this was your first go at this, I definitely tip my hat off to you! This was a pretty well written season and the cast had several memorable characters.
Mixed reviews or not, I think Jackie is an awesome winner, simply due to entertainment value! While some will say this wasn't the greatest season you've done, I think it certainly was a fine one!
Since it's likely Sanza votes for Jackie and Kris likely votes for Minerva, it comes down to Ventious, Phil, and Bonnie. I guess Jackie to win, but who besides SWSU knows for sure?