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Just read EVERYTHING I missed
I haven't read this comic since before Christmas cuz at the time my son was in the hospital and I had to care for him. Plus,with my position at my job I have been working non-stop and recently I was sick and bedridden for like two weeks. SO I just read everything and GOOD LORD!!!!! OH THE THINGS THAT MINE OWN EYES HAVE ENJOYED SO MUCH!!!!!
I love where all of this has gone!
Now I just wanna see them do it! XD
I'm in love with this even more than before!
By the way I just LOVE how Charlie's face is in the first panel. Makes me wanna eat him up! lmao!
And I am so digging the fuzz on Sam. It makes him look a bit older and hotter. XD
I can't wait to see it released in English. I can read a bit of Spanish,but I'd rather it be in English.
I'd probably get it in Spanish just to see what happens. So let me know where I can get my copy! :)
-lies on floor with a nosebleed-
kyaaaaa! awesomeness!!!!!!
What happen to sticking to Plan A? XD
Daisuke Uchiha
October 24th, 2012
comment virginity cherry popped!
ooooo! she's pretty. :3
@BadBanana: I work most of the time so I end up being a bit late. XD
@BadBanana: Overloading to the max!!!!!! XD
Two pages in one day!
I'm a happy little girl.
And Sam was right,Charlie looks good down there. XD
I'm in bliss now. XD
But i shal wait patiently. :3
Yes,be friends!
Then we can watch you two be friends together. XD
oooo! I get first comment! Yay! :3
The explanation helped me cuz i was getting a bit confused about what Abel was saying. XD
Daisuke Uchiha
October 21st, 2012
Federico you dummy!!!!!
Gah! I should slap you silly! >:(
yes!!!!! omg! -nosebleed-
crap! I think it was the fact that they have fangs and it looks sexy.
More please.
i love this whole comic! i wanna know what happens next!!!
Welcome back!
I'm so glad that you're back! I hope everything is okay now. And I can't wait to read what happens next.
ooooooo! naughty boy. now you shall be haunted!!!! lol
i love this! more please! :3
The following statement is all true.
I had went to go and check on your reply to my comment in the previous page and when I saw that there was a new page I clicked it. And when this page popped up I squeed and ran from my room to my sister's room and then back to my computer chair cuz all I saw was Charlie's head down yonder. I got red in the face cuz he is looking so sexy and I had an overload.