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Also, Tv-Tropes addict.
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Are the giant hands part of the crystal's effects? :P
(Also, I wonder what the totes-not-Bloody-handed God will be like in person, there aren't really given many accounts of his interpersonal skills)
Wooo! Probablyness!
Making bettah canon!

If you start making books, I'll consider them more canon than the ones from Black Library. :P
Please tell me
they aren't just a regular alien species that happen to be using robotic bodies.

All the flavor is in the undeathness!
And the elf goes "Nnnnnope, not ringing any bells. Are you sure you're from this neighborhood?"
If script is your weak part...
Why not hold a contest or something to become a writer for Eatatau?
Especially if you announce that you want writers familiar with writing for a certain setting on /tg/, which is absolutely crawling with excellent writefa-authors.
Wait, he's been told it's a trap.
Why doesn't he simply warp out of there?
Isn't that the whole point of, uh, Warp Scythers? That they can strike, and then disappear before retaliation arrives?

Is he too low on energy to make anything but jumps of a few meters or something like that?
November 4th, 2013
Death Commandos?
Ohyeah, can't use THAT universe's names, good catch.

And I love the reference.
You play that roleplaying game any, Darius?
On Legends:
So.. considering his superhuman strength on top of his power armor, he just killed that tau, didn't he?

And considering the reinforced skeleton, unless the one aiming at him through that scope was using a bolter (then again, it kind of looked like a bolter) the space marine wasn't really in danger - even if he had scored a headshot - was he?
Will you hate me if I say that I'm starting to miss the Magnificent Bastard supervillainy?
He has a point, they are noticably better.
What'd you do this time, Alexis?
I don't have any records of you selling your soul to me, so I know there's nothing fishy going on.
Why is Will not used for more of Kinesis' plots?
I mean, he created a friggin' AI.
Is there any chance he can reproduce it?
How fast can Will's subjective time become?
Has he considered the implications of being functionally immortal?
Has he considered the potential for causing a Singularity?
I mean, it's AI.
You'd expect it to be THE gamebreaker.
Kinesis absolute triumph card - if noone else has it, that is - far more so than any telekinesis.
Even if Will isn't technically minded, just the potential of being able to store vast amounts of information, provide perfect "aimbot"-ing with any gun connected to a computer-controlled armature (you can make them out of flippin' Legos, they're incredibly cheap) and making judgement calls in the span of a few microseconds seems like the beginnings of a "Take over the world" plot for anyone with the inclination.
And if his primary goals is to make everyone more intellectual (aka, more like Kinesis and less "YOLO!"), causing a singularity and transhumanism in general seems like something that would appeal to him (he might not even care if the new intelligences DOES wipe out humans as long as they're not as short-sighted as we are).

Sorry, I get ranty when I get a chance to explore a new universe. Hope you can answer any of these, and - as always - love the comic.
Is kind of nice, loving the magic-thingy and that it may all have purpose beyond mere entertainment after all - though I hate the feeling of helplessness.

Also, having trouble with the page occasionally refreshing when I press the next-button, which means the whole page scrolls back to the top and I miss whatever the first frame is.
You realize that you have to provide links now, right?

In case it isn't obvious, I'm all with swwinchester, joseph bro and Dr.C
Worldbuilding is like the awesomer brother of character develoopment.
Why would you remove this?

It's a postiively juicy (Although somewhat long-winded with the mood-setting) piece of world-building - the kind that makes me positively salivate with a brand new world to let the imagination run free in.

Surely there's some way to collapse it into a link that will be stored?
Storytelling such as this should never disappear.
This may be a bit self-serving, but is there any chance we'll ever get shout outs or cameos from /tg/'s fanon like Deathwotch or Clean Marines? Love your humor so far, and would love your take on any of those characters - even in a non sequitur.

Alternatively - any chance the team will ever get an orkish memver (or antagonist) that puts additional horror and comedy both (being an ork, he might be able to do both with a single action once the fridge logic hits you!) into the series?
February 27th, 2013
Huge Walking Blender, meet Crawling Blender Sea?

(Love your take on the Tyranids as a living carpet of scything death. Makes me look back to the original Starcraft with nostalgia.)
Why do I get the same sensation of dread from Darius saying "Surprises coming soon" as I do when my GM says the same?
November 28th, 2012
Strike one!
Sorry, you wrecked the ball. We'll have to do a rematch.

What's that?
The other team's giving up?
All out of balls, they say?
Seems like you win after all!
November 28th, 2012
More proof that this is brilliant:
Lexicanum just updated it on its Facebook Page for all its fans to enjoy - although I'm unsure if they've asked for permission to upload it without giving credits. 1.16640.125326137488784&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
I just realised, she's actually a FEMALE Psychopathic Manchild. o.O

And I thought that was an oxymoron...