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Disturbed Goth
Hallo, leute!
I have a DA account. If wanna check out my other artwork, go there.
My favorite type of music is symphonic rock/operatic metal, rock, techno, dubstep, pop, alternative, creepy music, etc. My favourite bands are Epica, Within Temptation, Vocaloid, Studio Killers, Queen, The Beatles.
I wish to be a cartoonist someday... I also have a Figment account. My username is Cedric David Panther.
I am a (mostly) friendly misanthrope. I like cats, but my favourite animal is the bat. I am very loquacious on the Internet, but quite shy in real life.
That's about all I wanna say about myself.
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    Cedric David Panther
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Oh, that's so cool! There are other characters who represent classic novels!
I really admire the concept of Susan pulling Anna down into the depths of the water. Very nice psychological symbolism.
I like the look of this so far!
This is incredible! I'm blown away by the art!
I wish there was a bookmark tab, those are always nice. But I'll keep an eye for updates! Keep it up!
Your clever placings of mouth coverage make me curious to know why they have to cover up...
The chibi handbook is cute.
I love the floating pages. :)

Does he have yellow fever? :0
I am astonished by the art on this first page!
I like the crossover idea! :)
Oh man, this is intense!
I think Susan has a crush on Paul
I'm glad my imaginary friend isn't mean like Susan. :)
OOOOO! Colours! :D
I like how you portrayed the take over
Oh nice! Susan looks really bad!
I'm already jelly of your backgrounds.....
Dang, that realistic background. The characters look interesting. :)
LOL this comic is weird, but I'll keep reading. (Well, I'll stop here for today)
I love the villain's laugh. I can hear it in my head perfectly!