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I'm a switching artist. Began with drawing manga and character designing. Tried animation and 3D modelling. Been and done fine art, discovered painting, and currently juggling with comic doodling along side doing some photography. *phew*.

Busy panda .
watched my cousin getting her ears pierced so I drew this :3
@ceyec: heck yes! I return muwhahahaha
@MecanicalCH: cats always attempt to squeeze into odd places haha.
Hi everyone, sorry for the long pause. Im back on track now! wooo~
@blackcat498888: thank you for your time. i'll be updating it soon haha.
@jolokiapepper97: lol! i've only seen clovers with 3 leaves.
we all see you Chad~
I love lucky items, especially clovers~
@NMA: ah~ i see we have mixed interpretations here ^^ yup he sighs because he's not liking it haha :P
Noticed anything different?
@SashiyaHaruka: awww thank you for the comment :3 gives me motivation XD
check out my gallery page
This happened to me a while back. I couldn't take the gum off my hair.
Ever thought this would happen when you were a kid back then?
do u eat the seeds or swallow?
this page took me a little more time than usual :3
thank you for reading up until now! muwha-hahahaha unexpected colors is what i like!
Yes, I know its end of August. I drew this a while back lol.