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Here's me in an acronym: W.E.I.R.D

I'm just a humble artist with a love for good stories and awesome people to share them with :)

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June 6th, 2016
Just found this little gem, and I am in love with it. The concept is so original and the characters are all so lovely. Also, I adore your art style.
Adding this one to my favs.
Keep up the great work!!
I love how the cloud people are starting to come across as a stern and emotionally turbulent race. At least, based on the queen and Prince Cirus' blow ups. It's ironic but completely suitable :D
I found a Malfoy...he's quite catty
Just wanted to say...
I think what I love most about this comic (besides the art!) is the fact that you reiterate "believing" as a choice. I have seen too many people try to shove their beliefs down people's throats, and it is truly refreshing to see you working within an interpretive religious format with the ANGELS saying "It is YOUR choice to believe."
Pifo did it right
@pinecat: I can totally see that *-*
This. is. Gorgeous
HOBOOOO knows best *music in the background*
i can't stop laughing XD
goddammit they are adorable!!! X3
sonuva stitch that was brilliant
Riastarte is badass
@angelperez: will we finally find out Kaito's secret wild fetish?!
Last Panel...
Wasn't that the disguise Kaito was using when he was chased by Shuno in the mall???
@Kiwii-Marshmallow: Yeah, I'll sail on that ship.
@Soilied: That is UST at its finest
He is gorgeous! If Severus Snape and Loki some how merged into one fantastic being, it would be him.
....hhhhhwell then