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I'm a bit older now, a bit more tame. My blog is
I used to get on here often, but now I pop in every few months to check my old favorites.
Love you all!
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The guy who sits on you looks EXACTLY like one of my friends... Amazing!
Ying and Yang are MINE! Make sure too give them BOTH to Chance- That is C-H-A-N-C-E I have long brown hair, green eyes, glasses, and I am a girl. Thanks for the kind service... Oh? You are not going to give them to me? Well... Time for force...
September 5th, 2012
@ShilohPhoenix: I have decided that this is my favorite coloring style yet! So ya better stick >:D
Wat are ya doing people in the classroom >.> "Grope"? You weirdos... Love your comic manga thingy! Thingy is a word!?! ... I did not know that!!!! O.O ;Anywho, (which is NOT a word) love love love your comic manga thingy! ( long comment for the win or ftw... I like manga ._.)~?
August 26th, 2012
I think he should be named Jin, like 'Oh, our names sound alike, lets be friends!' sort of thing... I am not that creative (O#O)... I just got smacked by my imagination... Love the comic! (o_o)/ Buh-Bye!
WWWWHHHHYYYYY!?!?! (Brainwashed herself to think that he is her dad) DADDY? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!
*Looks away* Tell me what happens!
I may be prying but... Why was hikaru wearing the boys uniform if she wants people to realize she is a girl?
Am I the only one thinking about his stalkerish job!!!
They look like Disney cartoons to me
Is... is it true? First comment! I would like to thank this AWESOME SERIES MORE THAN MY MOM!!!!!! In all seriousness this series is wonderful!
He is just in heat..... I think....,. WAIT WUT!!!!!!!!
I'll switch life's with you! I'm in pretty much the same situation in Florida but I love rain <3
One of my best guy friends pets me and my friend all the time(it makes me blush)O.o I'm strange aren't I ?
LIAR I KILL YOU FOR LOVE!!!!!!!>///.///<
I don't update soon I will kill you. No rush! !^•^
July 8th, 2012
@FireBorg: Missing in Action. And this series. Is awesome
A Fave
You just got a fave my friend. Kudos to you.