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I'm a bit older now, a bit more tame. My blog is
I used to get on here often, but now I pop in every few months to check my old favorites.
Love you all!
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Just got caught up again!
Woahhhhhhhhhhh!! Violet, I have to say, you poor soul. You have a loving friend, but you can't bring yourself to change anything. It really sucks, and it's really just going to take a toll on both of you if you aren't willing to change, or even compromise. Anyyywayyysss, I've got to say these new pages have been beautiful, and I love it as always! See you next time!
@pop992211: Oh 2012 me... All of these nerds are weird I'm glad you picked up early.
I've been reading since 2012...
And I don't think I've ever really commented on how much I love this story. Like what I do with most webcomics, I binge and then forget until I can binge again, and this time it was a big one. I am so happy that you have come this far, and I hope it comes even farther soon. I love the comic, and I love the plot. I love the art, and I love everything about it. I hope I can come back in half a year and be able to comment that it was incredible again. Thank you so much for writing this.
The guy who sits on you looks EXACTLY like one of my friends... Amazing!
Ying and Yang are MINE! Make sure too give them BOTH to Chance- That is C-H-A-N-C-E I have long brown hair, green eyes, glasses, and I am a girl. Thanks for the kind service... Oh? You are not going to give them to me? Well... Time for force...
I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! *Don't read in case I am right*Violet's mom is the demon's queen, and she is hanging out in earth, so while she was in Earth she met red and blah blah blah, so Violet might actually be the goddess reborn!
Just noticed the boobs in panel 4 OwO
Wah-wah-why? Nuuu updates ToT
September 5th, 2012
@ShilohPhoenix: I have decided that this is my favorite coloring style yet! So ya better stick >:D
Title says most of it. I is in luuuuvvvvv with this comic, cause you awesome enough to make it
Wat are ya doing people in the classroom >.> "Grope"? You weirdos... Love your comic manga thingy! Thingy is a word!?! ... I did not know that!!!! O.O ;Anywho, (which is NOT a word) love love love your comic manga thingy! ( long comment for the win or ftw... I like manga ._.)~?
August 26th, 2012
I think he should be named Jin, like 'Oh, our names sound alike, lets be friends!' sort of thing... I am not that creative (O#O)... I just got smacked by my imagination... Love the comic! (o_o)/ Buh-Bye!
WWWWHHHHYYYYY!?!?! (Brainwashed herself to think that he is her dad) DADDY? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!
*Looks away* Tell me what happens!
Next is not working :(
Is it just me.... Or does she look like violet?
Just a few pages ago you were complaining about the heat!!!!!
The picture makes him seem.... Weird?