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Changed accs :U
Love reading comics here, and I love drawing comics too! Updates are usually slow due to school work D:
active on Tumblr and Twitter
SO UMM.. yea school kind of killed me... ik I'm terrible.. but updates will return back to normal.. I have 2 pages to make up for it, click next >
I'm not sure if I can update next week on Thursday because I have midterms but I can try? to get it later if not then until next next week!
Update and new character !
I might just post on Thursdays now b/c I don't have class on Fridays (bless).

And I have no idea how a kid managed to push down a grown man. Maybe he's just weak // idk.
I don't know why the quality of this pic just decreased 100x when I uploaded it online. I like the first panel though, but I have trouble keeping consistent atmosphere in colouring.
And yeah I'll be back next week (if I survive the week lmao)
WOOT first page
This is just the cover for the first chapter (boring, I know), hopefully I'll start uploading the 1st real page later today! I've already finished quite a few pages from chapter one so it'll be a while until I get caught up.

I tried (?) to show that the main protagonist fits this title of being an 'odd man' by adding science-y things scattered over that desk but it's pretty unconvincing... he still looks normal to me. And I wish I had the help of a graphic designer. That font is... goddamn awful and I have no idea how to fix it (I'm an illustrator and graphic design is really not my passion) (some people at school mistake me for being in GD and it makes me laugh uncontrollably).
December 10th, 2015
Is.. that a Zombie Stabbers shirt?? from Alternate OMG
September 9th, 2015
Srry my updates are just random but when I get used to my school schedule I will hopefully find 1 day to update regularly on :)
August 6th, 2015
First page!
New Cover Page
Hi, I've decided to restart this comic with better art (please read the news located at the home tab)! I'm sorry for the confusion I have caused to anyone and thank you to those who are still sticking with me, I hope you guys understand
I am SO sorry for the long hiatus... school got me burned out and now that it's summer I finally have free time. Regular updates return : ) (seems like I can only work on this summer-y comic in the summertime OTL)
THANk you!!
Thank you to those of you who've read my comic so far! This is an extra illustration I worked on a while ago to finish off the chapter 8)
I will be taking a break from updates after this because I need time to work on and finish my own original comics (this is just a fan one I did on impulse and there might be another chapter when I feel like it again).
This is my tumblr in case anybody wants to follow my other art updates while I'm not working on this:
(pose is from here
This is the last page in this chapter!
Sorry it's a bit late ;;; I got sickk
I remembered!!!
Anddd I've finished 2 of my exams, just 2 more to go and I'm done school :,) I can draw more comics over the summer ayy
I made a new banner /// also I have exams next week so I'm not sure if I will remember to update OTL
@minakonumnums: AHHhhhh oh gosh thank you!! // so kind, I'm glad to hear that ;w;
OK soo clarification! They are part of a fighting squad and Chrom is their leader (sorry for the confusion)
white hair --> Henry
brown hair --> Ricken