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Puff Dude Inc. is a comic group a couple of people made.
Gongagoo is the webmaster. --Tek and Skye--
Moogles is the forums admin. --Puff dudes of death--
Noodleman is the head of the company... he made the name... --Puffball-- --Puff dudes of death--
Dr. Fuzzikins is... probably taking a nap. --Puffball--
And of course, our good friend ChinaPwns
who made the comic Chi
How will we dissapoint you next?
Only the koala knows.
I got it, and your a genius XD
Like your new avvy, by da way.
FIRST POST! And that was awesome dude!
She is alot cuter in this one.
Good job!

Edit: Are we supposed to hate capable 16? He's well drawn, but that Yams thing pisses me off...
Or is that supposed to happen?
Is that blood on the glass case in the second panel? O.o
Looked back and she does look cuter now, but something about the hair could make it better, I just don't know what.

Good job, though!
El' Supercuddlekins?
Y'know, just throwing it out there...
Looks a little low quality and pixleated. When you saved as a jpeg, put the quality meter to the max, okay?
Nice jorb though.
Okay almost time for the redebut of my comic. Above is one of the characters I'm adding to the strip. He still needs a name and I know he has no feet.
Looks promising, dude!
Typo in panel 1 though. Read again through your next comic to make sure that doesn't happen. Good job though!

When i did my final trace I accidently pushed to lightly so there were alot of white spaces. I managed to fix it but at the cost of having super thick lines.ENJOY!!!!!
I love Puffball's eyes in the 1st panel
haha not bad. I share your take on comics.Jokes first art second.
What, no comic Wednsday?
Aww... I just got 2 comics up. =D. At this rate, I'm doing 10 a week. O.o jeez.
Anyway, I like this one a lot, probably because I got it. I'll teach you how to do square boxes. Don't forget to put your name at the bottom so we know who is talking!
How do you make everything shaded so perfectly? The coloring is great, how did you learn how to do it?

Yeah they better, just messin with ya.

We have to put our names at the end of our comments, because 6 people use this acount. So put Dr. Fuzzykins on yours.

The only problem with the art, that I see, is with the squirl's mouth. It's too round. Puffball is friggin adorable though.

-Gongagoo (see, like that)
A lot of people didn't get this one. The joke was that the owner of the store thought Mal,the squirrel, was stealing Puffball who he thought was one of his dolls. Anyway Thursday's strip will be better.
-Dr. Fuzzykins
Don't worry the drawings get better!
the lights came out because of a power surge or was the ninja so good the lights went out
Oh, Idea!
Mabie there could be an auther collaberation comic on Smack Jeeves with ACUAL ART instead of this sprite crap!
Oh, but that would be so hard! I'm very sorry to bother delicate artists such as yourself.

But really, pay no attention to the pencil and paper next to you. Completely useless.

Dont make sprite comics, please... 8-bit theater had the idea, it was a good idea, they are the top sprite comic, but when they did it the idea was ORIGINAL! Now it's an excuse for "work".
It does sound like Chef Brian!
Exept when the auther makes his lines, he isn't drunk...


But really I saw that video, it's great. One guy says "Where do you come up with chef brian and his lines?"
"Much overdose of alcohol"
"When I'm drunk"

CAD is so great, it's bassicly what I look up to, in a role-model-for-comic-making sort of way.
I likes it!
It accually took me a bit to get (my friends didn't get it either) but when I did get it, my kidneys exploded.

This comic is awesome!