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I am a fan of pokemon mystery dungeon.
I enjoy making maps for a game called Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch. And im also working on my drawing skills so I may make my own comics one day.

I have a deviant art account but its pretty empty at the moment:

My Youtube:
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I'm going for green pepper first because that flareon needs a serious confidence boost. And I love peppers.
My second will be sausage because I love sausage.
OH THANK GOD...i was worried...
holy sh*t she got a Popsicle! (that was the first thing that came to mind lol)
seeing the relic fragment there, I was like, "wait, when did that get there" so I went back a couple pages...didnt notice it there at all lol
Zeke trying to look tough lol
You should do something between mega mewtwo X and mega mewtwo Y
I love the way this page was done :3
Words cannot not express the sadness within me ;-;
Oh hye, Luna and that other eevee guy I cant remember the name of...wonder where Jason is...
*facedesks with massive amounts of laughter*

oh man, this entire week i was thinking he had heard their conversation, but this was seriously funny XD
this comic is so much more intresting then the game :3
lol lucky
and I love this page. well done
Oh how I loved this boss, and the music.
btw its name is Molgera for anyone who doesent know...not sure if I spelled that right though.
Happy Birthday :0
also...she crazy >.>
bubble...partially because hes the only guy on the team and needs more screen time because yes... and kara... I like kara... sorry but i gotta point this out.

panel 3...she just turned her head 180 degrees......yeah...but its still a good page.
Im now thinking of many horrible things that could happen...