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July 20th, 2019
He said love you 😱😱
July 13th, 2019
You know, that bag is big enough to fit a Sooch. I see options for this issue.
This is beautiful
I like it, it's beautiful and dark.
June 15th, 2019
That face in the second panel! 😂
His hair is so floofy! Now ssh, more cuddles.
How does he know? I don't think Ulii told them...
Nice save...
He can't slow down, he's got 1 ring left 😂
I agree with the others, take care of yourself first! We readers can wait for oir fictional fix.
This is adorable! Too bad he's gonna jump up in a panic and fix his hair, haha
Hahaha listen to the lil devil!
This is so adorable!
He's a good friend :3 but are they going to share a bed now? How will he feel about that when he wakes up sober in the morning? Stay tuned...
April 28th, 2019
Way to go, Sooch! Well done :D
I'll bet he is hot now
Wow... Dat tail!

I'm guessing he isn't going to work on Easter
Welcome back! Glad it was all a dream, now on to the real thing... 😨
Is this page 16-17 and mislabeled or did we miss a page? o.o
Please don't kill him 😭