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Hi! I'm Ally and I'm Italian, so sorry if my English is wrong ^^'''
I love so much to read, infact I read everything, specially shounen manga! I like to see anime, too!
My favourite manga is Letter Bee/Tegami Bachi, while my favourite anime is Durarara!!
Plus, I'm a very big fan of shounen-ai/yaoi/BL! *q* <3<3
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Ehy, guys! Don't forget what she has done!!!
Hurry up, guys! You must stop that bitch!
Welcome back!
I missed you and your stories!
Thank to God! Ashira understood that thing isn't Krow!
I can't wait to see what Ashira will do!
If he needs some help to kill that thing, I will help!
I'll kill that bitch!!!
BITCH!!! D:<
Don't you dare hurt Krow again!!
I knew that she is the bitch who has ruined everything!
Ashira isn't your and never will be!! He belongs only to Krow!
Krow and Ashira are boyfriends, so they can do what they want!
Then... take this, bitch! (I don't like this girl!)
I've a bad feeling about this girl... I don't like it...
I think that I will hate her...
Is she a spy? Or... She's the bastard that tried to part Krow and Ashira?! D:<
Hell, YEAH!! XD
Go, Krow! Show to Ashira who is the boss!! XD
The roles were inverted: before was Ashira who want to know who is the bastard immediately, now it's Krow!
I don't like Ashira's face in the last panel... I'm afraid that they'll quarrel... (I hope no!)
I love Ashira's expression in the last panel!
It screams "I SHIP IT!"
it's perfect for us crazy shippers! XDDD
The mission "find-the-fake-Ashira" is began!!
Let's see the Park's idea!
Uh??? I don't understand anything!
What is happened?? What kind of trouble is Ashira??
What Ashira has done??? :O
Krow, don't punch him! He needs your strength!
[I loved this chapter!! ;) thanks for your work!]
Me too!! XDDD
Saya doesn't deserve Kanto! Poor guy...
(anyway, I want to see child!Kanto too! XD )
I'm so moved!!
I love the last panel, it's so touching and beautiful at the same time :')
Poor my babies.......
It's time for REVENGE!!! D:<
Krow!!! TT_TT
How dare that... that "thing" does this to my Krow!!
I want kill this fake Ashira!!!
WHERE.ARE.NEXT.PAGES?!?!?! *click continuously on the keyboard!*
That guy can't be Ashira!! Who f**k is him/it?!
I can't wait for Sunday!!