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Umm... I'm never good at these kinda things... Let's see... I like comics and Manga...? xD xD Um, I have mixed personalities, and how I act depends on my mood and what I've been thinking about. Example: If for some reason I've been thinking about all those plants, bugs/insects, and animals dying, losing their homes, or being killed or hunted just to be put on a wall or displayed on a manikin, I get all depressed and I cry a lot.

Anything else? Oh god, MORE? Ah, okay. I curse a lot, I want a motorcycle instead of a car(What? It sounds fun! xD), and most people think I'm a guy at first glance... Stare... Conversation... Day... We-- Okay, you get it. But, I do in fact, have breasts underneath that big, black hoodie. xD

I like to draw, sing, listen to music, get online, take quizzes, play with the pets, be with friends, and annoy the hell out of people. :D Oh! And complaining! That's fun, too!
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Teddy looks sad... But I guess Drake makes up for that? XD

Poor Theodore.
He needs a hug, yes?

That's awesome.
I'm sure you knew while you were drawing the picture of baby Drake, SOMEONE would have to do this...


Imagine the pain I'd go through if I said that around him. XD

Awesometastic page, as always!
Wow, I agree with Comic King... You really put a lot of detail into the dragon. It looks great!

Take all the time you need, no rush. You probably have more of a life than most of us, anyway. XDXD
You know... If I were drawing this... I would have shot myself by the end of the page. XD

See, you have paitence and cooperation.

I don't.
Even if Drake was born second, he'll probably catch an equal amount of crap from Joan, as his brother did from his father.

And Joan can be mean. D=

EDIT: Zomg second.
Either he likes animals more or he justs needs a quick snack. *Ohnoes!*

The backgrounds may take a while, but it's worth the wait!

Every page you put up is awesome and makes me envious of your art skills. ^^
I like teh lighting and the exspressions, here.

The third panel, he has a "God, please don't kill me!" look on his face. X3
Ahhhh, tiny yet cozy, with cute and odd decorations, and a rock keeping the books in place, all rolled up in a purple wagon in creepy, barren land.

Home, sweet home!

The detail here is magnificent! Keep it up, Daidaishar!

Awesome. =D
Yaaay! Happy stuff didn't die FOREVER. OMG.

... But anyways... Nice job on this one! I like the expressions, and the detail is sweet!
I agree with Butterscotch!

If there was a chatspeak dictonary, he would be the picture next to "=D"


ANYWAY... Very nice, it's awesome!
Yeah! So he'd just have random blood stains on blood-colored scales. XD

"What happened to you??"
Haha... And the blood stains wouldn't show... He has red scales... Muahahahaha!
Wow, that'd be funny. Drake in dragon form, with a bunch of random girls chasing him and grabbing hold of his tail... The reactions!
Fangirls or Freeze?
It would be quite hard for Drake to get away from them all, though.

Unless his powers didn't hurt so much to use, then he burn them...

They'd signal the others to attack from behind. XD
He won't freeze... He has plenty of fangirls to keep him warm. XD