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Full name: Ian Bell Russo

Nickname: Bell,Angel Chime


Date of birth: April 14 1993

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Birth place: Tokyo Japan

Hobbies: Author Artist ( vector,3D, animation) Web design (Some what. i'm still learning.)

  • Real Name
    Ian Russo
  • Age
  • Gender
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why is he here again? Naked none the less...
I feel like i should not be seeing this... >///<
*is so confused*
OMG he's so cute!
More red heads, you must really like red hair.
The bf always knows!
The plot thickens
Did not expect him to be uncut.
His face in the last panel is cute!
Is it odd that i saw that coming?
I wish more people reacted more calmly to the whole "gay thing". Its should not e that big of a deal.
Reminds me of my father.... What a dick... not even the fun kind >.>
Does Alexei's hair look different of is it just me?
Shes so mean ;.;
Yay Neko Jer!
Forget what?
Hey thats where i live!