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I'm a fledgling webcomicker.

But I'm also a huge egghead, studying issues of individual and contextual cultural identities, art history, iconography, and fairy tales. I haven't seriously done comics since high school, and I'm super excited to get back into it.

Also graduated from college a second ago. Whoooot! Being a grownup. Now back to making comics.
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I like the black and white, but you can only do so much with it. I wanted to kind of explore a little more.
Back from hiatus
I've gotten myself a full-time desk job, so I have the time and the resources to put into some regular work again! I'm really excited about it. Of course, over the past two years, my processes and interests have changed, so I'm not sure what will happen with Willow Wood. However, I've been thinking a lot about the stories I want to tell in that world. Right now, I want to explore that world from a slightly different place. I think I'll return to Willow Wood soon enough. For now, this is Tamarind.

I'm happy to be back. I hope I can stay, and I'll do my best to try!

Thanks for understanding.
Uuuuuurgh I'm so sorry I haven't updated in MONTHS! I finally got my first out-of-college office job, and I'm just settling in. I have another page on the way, and maybe even some more PuppyCrush stuff, too.

And hey, thanks for reading. I'm really honored and blown away that people read this - I mean, it's not a disciplined or compelling narrative, and it was meant to be a visual experiment. I always wanted to do comics, but I couldn't go to school for it, so I figured I should just give it a shot, and make myself draw comics.

I can't even remember, but I've probably explained it all before. You know. :)
Still kind of trucking away taking commissions from deviantart and whatnot. Updates tend to slow down when major transitions in my life occur. I was only able to draft one page in the whole of October, and none in November. Maybe I can have a few ready over the holidays.

Also, I'm sorry I'm so awful at getting back to folks' comments! I do love reading them, and I thank you for all your kind words. I will work my butt off to keep you up on the stories!
@Break Free magazine: Sure, go right ahead :)
A word to my readers
Hello, hello! I see I've garnered a couple new readers, and I'm incredibly excited to see everyone. I've been trying to get around to responding to comments and feedback - I do read them, and I thank everyone who has taken the time to give me kind remarks or criticisms - It's been a lifelong dream of mine to create a graphic novel, but strict family pressure has dictated that I go to a liberal arts university and get a broadly applicable BA. That said, I'm scrambling to figure out how to compose the pages to a graphic novel.

I'm trying to teach myself composition, drafting, scripting, transferring text to images and panels. This webcomic started off as a drawing exercise. The original drawings for the characters were just a series of drawings of anthropomorphized stars to which I wanted to grant names and narratives. The way I letter, the media I use to incorporate the panels into pages, and even the way I draw is constantly changing and evolving.

So thank you to everyone who has stuck through with this constructionally inconsistent webcomic as I practice, tweak, and change my methods. This is the one where you get to see me grow from the get-go. It means a lot to me to hear that you're enjoying what I create, and it spurs me to keep moving forward and improving. I'm learning a lot with every page! :)

- Trungles
This comic is a bit of an exploration of the graphic narrative for me. I never got the chance to go to school for comics or illustration, so I figured the best way to go about learning is to just do it.

Because of this, the first couple chapters of Willow Wood are all experimental, and the format varies (which drives me nuts, but I'll deal with it).

Thank you for following my work in progress!
@jonasfx: Thank you! I do intend to post more pages as I get better at making them!
@chocophobia: Thank you so much!
Process, process
Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by and giving my little project a read. I have a lot pages set up, but I just need to revamp the pages for continuity. I am still trying my best to figure out how webcomics work, but I love it as an accessible narrative. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy making them!
@Sieryn: Thank you! I do spend a bit of time on it, so I'm glad it's well-received :)