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I am a musical theatre major in college, who has been singing and drawing as long as I can remember. I love stories, particularly those in visual media, such as film, theatre, and of course comics.

I also have done some animation in the past, and have written two plays and directed nearly a dozen productions.

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    Amanda Gulla
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Congrats Marie, you've learned a valuable lesson about consequences...
Palace guard dont care bout your problems
We are back! Check in soon for more updates!
Heads up! If I misspelled or mistranslated anything please let me know as soon as possible. Also I still can't draw hands...
@Sagat the Tiger: The most probable biggest reason the iconic characters you've mentioned won't be shown is probably because it has been years since the events of "Pokemon". Ash, as you may recall, has a posthumous monument, and who knows how long ago that was made? For all we know, those characters are dead as well, sadly.
"Kit Kit Cafe"? is that a reference to Cabaret's the "Kit Kat Klub"? by any chance? Loving the story by the way.
aha! A twist! but does that mean its almost over? :( I don't want it to end so soon!
@kuroi_hitsuji: not just a vampire complex, THIS was the man whom Dracula was based off of. I'm quickly beginning to like this comic.
August 8th, 2012
PLOT TWIST! lol this is a great concept but its a little confusing, because the characters' hair and faces can look similar, but the story is just so intriguing :) Hopefully these two will live!
Keep up the great work!
I will never look at an action sequence paired with a line dance the same way again XD You may have just reinstated my long lost love of witty action scenes
July 20th, 2012
quality and less updates. I find this story interesting, and would like to see improve. Quantity and speed doesn't really matter to me.