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I'll read whatever catches my eye. I like just about anything and will give anyone and anything a shot at least once.
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I kinda wish it was Rhyme. She didn't get enough screen time in the game. But this is a good choice too :)
Take your time. This comic is worth the wait ^_^
Thank you for starting up this comic. I'm a huge fan of the game, and I'm sure I'll be just as big of a fan of this comic!
I have a better idea. How about we allow DHK to make the comic as planned. If you forgot by now, he said he has the comic planned out already.
I almost overlooked this comic because it was different. Then I remembered that different isn't always bad. I took a look from page one, and here I am, surprisingly enjoying this comic just as much as the first. This comic is refressing from the comics I usually come across. You're doing great so far. Keep up the good work.
I know the story, and possibly the future comic pages, has already been made, but if possible, maybe the eliminated characters can give in their two cents every now and then during the battles so the fans of the emilinated characters won't miss them too much, as well as to liven things up a bit more from the same people always talking. If not, then pay no mind to this comment.
Autobobby1. Nothing is perfect. Even the greatest works of art have problems and mistakes in it. The banner, even though is simple, is not a problem. Sometimes simple works. The sprites, even though don't match perfectly to one another, are still closer than many other comics I've seen. The sprite recolor for the author may not be original, but no comic is 100% original. I like this comic, and the mistakes that you pointed out is not really all that noticeable to people unless they pick at it to death. I personally enjoy this comic, and the idea is actually original enough for people to keep reading.
Honestly, I like Demon's idea. How about a white space with parts of the 3 game's worlds falling through, kinda like slowly falling platforms, and there could be monsters from all three worlds to spice things up a bit. Just an idea
An update! YAY! ^_^. Please keep updating. This is a great comic. It beats the boring, run of the mill sprite comics. =D
Cool! You graduated too. Same here ^_^. Congrats. Your comic's cool, and I hope you keep drawing, and I hope you go far in your future.
O_O. An update! *Does the happy dance* Great comic so far. Keep up the good work ^_^
Finally! A comic that's true (more or less) to the story. Most comics use the characters, but not the story that should be used. I hope you make this comic for a long time, because I not only like your style, but I love your idea of being true to the games.
Good idea on starting over ^_^. It's kinda boring to have a comic with no words. I like this idea a lot better than the one you tried out before. Keep up the good work =D
YAY! I'm just glad that I bookmark all comics that don't update under a dead comics folder so I can keep reading if the re are ever more updates...Yay for run on sentences xD