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This comic kinda reminds me of "Nightmars and Fairytales." From SLG. Ever read it? It was a really good comic in its early days.
Omg, it feels like FOREVER since there's been any boy romance in this comic. So sorry. Had to get some other stuff out of the way first, I guess. Welcome, Seth!
If a white person is calling you white trash, 9 times out of 10 that probably means you are white trash.

For those of you who haven't noticed, Amber sorta is based on my friend's idiot girlfriend, Claire. Just LOOK at how difficult she can be for Thomas. Poor little Thomas:
@Disturbed Goth: Yeah, that's the one! Good movie.
@Disturbed Goth: That's crazy. What a cool teacher.

Glad you like the grayscale! It does look better.
At least no bunnies were harmed in the making of this comic.

I hope....
@AaronThePuppet: YAY! WE HAVE A WINNER! You're right, it's from one of the best movies (and books) ever - The Rules of Attraction. Even Dawson was surprisingly great in that movie! I freaking LOVE the scene where Ian Somerhalder is watching Vanderbeek play the guitar and he starts jerking off under the pillow. So funny! But my favorite movie moment of all time is the scene that inspired this cover - when Ian is dancing with Dick to "Faith" right before they're about to take a shower together. I don't know about you, but that's what I like to do before I hope in the shower!

Your prize is one million brownie points and the privilege of having seen that film! Congrats!!!
@BananaMuffinPop: For realz. Don't worry, she's just the annoying twit from next door. Just wait till Seth arrives! XD
That's what I ate for dinner last night.
Tup Thumping!
@Disturbed Goth: OMFG! So I was watching this awesome movie with Thomas called "Little Voice." It had Gregors in it. And out of nowhere there was this group of like 5 fat guys that started lip-syncing "Tubthumping" on stage in front of an audience. It was hilarious! Never seen the movie before in my life.
Sorry I didn't update last week. My roommate keeps getting me drunk all the way into the wee hours of the night even though I tell him we need to be working on our freaking comics!
Black and White
Uh...yeah...this page was always in black and white. hehe. Color? What are you talking about, color?

Ah...but yeah. I decided that these pages look a lot better in gray-scale and take a lot less time. I did page five in gray-scale and realized that I needed to go back and convert this page into gray-scale to keep things consistent. As if I've been worried about consistency this whole time....
@Disturbed Goth: I know people from Utah and they always seem to know older stuff pretty well. I guess it's cause Utah is a bit behind the times.
@AlternateName: I get this reaction a lot, lol. Yeah, it was pretty gross. No one enjoyed doing it. But it's not like the school went out and purposefully killed cats for dissection. They were already dead. So they said.
Oh my god, it was all just a dream! Don't worry, Jacky boy will have his fair number of sex dreams. Whether he wants them or not, lol.

This page introduces two new reoccurring characters to the story. Amber, the dumb blonde girl next door. And Slippery Pete, Jack's pet ferret.

(Fun fact: in high school biology class, we had to dissect cats at the end of the school year. My lab partner and I named out dead cat Slippery Pete. Don't worry, I have no intentions of killing the ferret.)
I know plenty of girls who make that same face when they don't get what they want.
@Disturbed Goth: Did you grow up in Utah lol?
@pagescookies: Drawing with my toes, in fact. I can do that, you know lol.
@Stranger: Aw, thanks so much! Yeah, Jack is my kind of boy!