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comic king
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but isn't Jigglypuff a balloon pokemon :I
Nice. Loved your last one, excited to see where this challenge goes.
Now i wanna name my next cat Bast...
eh, it's not that bad of a game. You could always find a site that does the math for you and tells you which cards to flip. made it all the way to lv. 7 cause of it.
I think it's pretty cool how you drew the orange god's hand breaking out of his cell into the one with Joan.
I had a feeling that was Marion's mom :D oh noes! i've posted. *goes back into lurk mode*
o 3o I forgot about Theo
doens't matter... i got the sisters confused >.>;
o 3o? I wonder why she doesn't recognize her brother-in-law...
i'm seeing it. you're not charging anyone though. it's right above your avatar.
nice. I can see why it was fun
wow... forgot about this comic... hope you can keep with it. Always thought this comic was awesome.
you're beating around the bush. THAT MEANS I'M RIGHT!!! 8D
Is she related? Maybe an aunt since she apparently has a sis.
but she looks just like.... OMG!!! is Irene Maron's mom?!?!
o 3o she's got her eyes on those sharp and or pointy things. I don't blame her, they're awesome :O!
i'm not good with remembering characters a lot. I remember Perry, Marrion, that chick, the leader dude, the amazing cowlick man... er... yeah... then there's the characters from Marrion's old town like the kids and such.
1. Who is your favorite character? Why? What about your least favorite?
MARION! Her awesome sword o 3o I don't really have a least favorite.

2. What is your favorite part of the story and why? Least favorite?
The Spellblade 8D.

3. How do you feel about the pace of the plot?
Depends on the chapter and what's happening really. Sometimes it moves at a good pace, sometimes i can't wait for it to be over.

4. Is the art quality sufficient or insufficient?
I like your art style :3
XD love the last cell
o 3o i'm getting really curious on what exactly the past Irene has with Marion's father.