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To add to the things you already know from the information above, I'm a teenager from the land of the endless random weather - England.
I do a lot of drawing when I'm in one of those "must be creative" moods and with some support I've developed them into comics. Now we have both Less Than 3 and Big Wide World open to the public - LT3 (as it is thus known) is on hold until Mid/End July as I'm too busy to spend time doing it all in one go, which is how I function. There's also Big Wide World (BWW), the more serious of the two. This will take a bit less time to create, I hope, but it will still only be updated sporadically due to the nature of it all. They're both co-written by the same person, so despite the differences in themes they may have some real common factors... hmm...
I'm still stuck in full time education and probably will be for a while so what time isn't spent on school work is given to art, computers or music. Yes, I am a pretty boring person when I put it that way - but I do have a pretty twisted mind...!
I've also started up a forum, mainly based on webcomics but also having discussions for almost anything else. Here's the link:
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I giggled so much at this...

Kudos! Really!
Correct, there is more to life...

Then, in revenge... HE SHOULD EAT HER!
Nom nom nom!

If this logic works... ie, posting the same word every strip...

*Maniacal laughter*

Sure they're not cannibals?
So he'll marry her... THEN EAT HER!




I'm not obsessed about this at all, honest!

*Steals waterfall drawing abilities*
How the fudgemuffin monkeys do you not have more fans?!

Good Gods, you're good. The lack of colour only makes the monochrome better - the dashes of colour you do use then also really stand out.

Love love love your art. Really. I envy you... I may be forced to steal you and keep you in a cupboard with the other artists I've been kidnapping.

*Waits patiently for the next pages*
I had nightmares from that Doctor Who for a week... and I was 17... now I feel weird

*Stares at page*

Sorry, noticed a spelling error! Second panel, Blackjack is missing its J!

Love your artwork, as always.
Along with air tigers

They get into the vents and you don't want to see the mess they make!
"About to do"?

Are they cannibals?

Oh, please tell me they are. That would be twisted and funny... MWAHAHAHAHA
"Yeah, well, show me the official timetabling for said 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time', hmm?"
How could your drawings ever be boring? They're so detailed, without colour they're still a real work of talent :D

Yeah, you might have to make that wardrobe comfy at this rate...
It's a deal
These really are some beautiful pages... they're so stylised yet so simple and gorgeous

Can I steal you? :D
Why not repost the redone strips as new ones, leave them for a little while then move them back to beginning? Or are you just gonna enjoy watching us reread through all the old ones all the time :P

Can't wait for this new chapter, go full page-ness and good art *waves flag*
I saw it the other week on TV... not too notable, but that's just me :P

Love the expression on his face last panel - priceless!
July 27th, 2008
I sense a childlike joy at such a prospect...
Where did the hairstyle come into the equation? Was the jacket to suit the hairstyle? Was the hairstyle to suit the current political trend?

We may never know...