Cas is is my name, being fucking dumb is my game
guess who ufkcing forgot agAIN
June 22nd, 2017
JESUS imght as well change it from wednesday to thursday bc im just???? always uploading then bc i forgot/?
The fucking detail in this strip when down massively for somer eason even tho i did everything just fine so whatever lol the next page will look better


i cant draw asgore, also forgot to update yesterday
I dont !! Like how i started it out? So I will be restarting it !! I have a general comic idea now so It wont be SO hard <3 Expect comics soon!
i swear everytime i read this comic my life gets better everything does my asthmas gone my skins clear i have a good immune system
i almost forgot to upload
i forgot last week so lol HeRE
April 19th, 2017
Next page !!! I like this one <3
April 12th, 2017
Another update waddup i almost forgot to upload it
April 5th, 2017
Comic is finally here~!
A mold growing in the Waterfall spreads, causing the horrible mold to latch onto monsters souls, encasing them in a horrible ROT. The underground slowly begins to infect. Monsters begin losing themselves and magic dissolving- their souls taken over by the Rot… What will happen when a human falls underground?

go check out the Underswap AU comic !
A picture I drew of the Rottenswap sans here, I'll upload some non-comic pictures as a sort of "Before the comic" right now so ya, I'm working on the comics as quick as I can!
The boysssssss

Vincent and Evan is a silly yet dramatic comic about a raging Asshole named Vincent and a gentle nerd named Evan. There is loads of characters that will be introduced later but those are the MAIN. It follows the multistory characters and their lives. Living in space in year 5697 they come across monstrous people, aliens, and their own self hate.
I drew Vincent and Evan again lmao, instead of making quality pages
December 21st, 2016
im v excited for this comic
The cuteness of this comic makes me physically scream I like hardcore tear up everytime I look at this thing it's so good and beautiful and nnn
Vincent and Evan!! I am honestly way too proud of this lmao

December 14th, 2016
I'm excited to see where this goes!
Valentine is Ace/Aro and is lowkey an asshole but can be p okay at time

Vernon wants to be like his older bro Vincent but faints at the sight of blood, can't smoke, and is a wimp

Elliot is the closest to Vincent. He's scary, and seems to be able to teleport?

they're triplets