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yes i remember you all
Well just to answer you question. My name Is Polar I was one of the original members of SAZ. I was the fourth person to join when it was created back a year or 2
I know no one gives a care for me but add me too
Hello my little ones, Polars back.Sorry for shit quality of comic and before yal spam "TYPO!!" I see it
can someone make so I can post comics?
bottom of the page
I get the bottom of the page
CANADA is north amriaca's hat lol
"super gaspeth" wow! you ninja to!
Everyone please pay your respect
um zack spyke adopted neroe first ^_^'
Goodbye everyone..... I miss you all.......And I will miss SAZ......"disapears"
Goodbye everyone i will miss you all.........
welcomers back
i added my self
can i joined i finaly Im ok at drawing sonic style