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December 5th, 2009
Just a few tweaks on Gareth's design. Mostly pining down the columns and rows on his quilted jerkin. Gotta watch the head size too, it skews the proportions!

I worked on comic stuff (mostly character sheets) over Thanksgiving, and then spent last week catching up on all the homework I ignored. I got everything figured out for my switch to an art major too. I'm excited to start next semester :)

I've been trying to write the script and having a hard time of it, so I think I need to get a good outline together, write dialogue ideas down, and then just move to thumbnails.
November 23rd, 2009
Here it is then :)

Rae again. I think this outfit is really cute. Just need to work out the exact details of the shawl.

Found a HUGE plothole in the second half of the story, still thinking about how to fix it. I'm going to get the first chapter rewritten and maybe some of the thumbnails done this weekend.
Holy cow, I can't believe it's only been a week. It felt like a month.

I don't really have a blog or anyplace to post on the revamp's status, so I thought I could post a sketch or something here each week and let you know how things are going? That or I can make a guild on GaiaOnline. I check Gaia at least twice a day...

So here is Rae, I think the outfit is good but I'm going to change the headscarf into a shawl.
The whole story is outlined now, I've got 2 big plot holes patched up, and a handful of characters are ready to have turnarounds drawn.

Relaunch should be Summer 2010, but I don't know if that will be early summer or late summer yet. I want to have a nice big buffer of pages done. So far I am on track to start sketching pages in January.

So! Continue status updates here, or on Gaia, or somewhere else? Comment and let me know.
November 7th, 2009
Welp. I had several exams this past week, and I didn't do very well on any of them. I need to focus more on school and bring my grades up.
Pilgrim will have go on hiatus until at least the end of this semester. I'm currently set to take even more challenging classes next semester, so the hiatus may very well be longer :(

I've also been thinking about restarting from the beginning. I thought I could continue forward and play catch-up with the redrawn version. But after doing some rewriting, I noticed I had left some characters out completely. Instead of trying to shove them back in, I outlined the rest of the first few chapters without them, and the story was much stronger.
I've been thinking about it for a while, and I think I can do this story much better if I start over. The characters are more fleshed out in my head now, and I'm doing more research on the era and regions I'm using as a base for the setting.
Basically, I think I had a very long false start. I leaped into drawing this without putting much thought into designing anything, and it's really come back to bite me in the ass.

Let that be a lesson to anyone attempting a long term comic! Do your research and planning beforehand!

Pilgrim is not dead. But if it's going to be on hiatus, until possibly next summer, I'd rather go ahead and restart it from the beginning!

P.S. If you have any questions or anything feel free to send me a pm or email to darklawstudios [at] hotmail [dot] com
Moving right along. :)
Actually, I think I'll just post them when I get them done. So weekends, usually Sunday afternoon / evening.

I am VERY happy with this page. IMO this is the best one I've drawn so far. :D
Early update! Next page won't go up until the 20th though.

@ Hikaru
The trouble with pasting in photos is that it's usually really obvious and looks lazy. I just need more practice.

Anyway! I'm much happier with how the forest in this page came out. :)
Oh yeah, and I changed the last page a bit too.
Easy page with no backgrounds :B

The trouble I'm having with the trees, is to me they look like they cut off too soon. It's supposed to be miles and miles of forest. I'm getting hung up on drawing individual trees, instead of thinking about it as groups or layers of trees.
For the next page I'll spend more time studying my reference pictures and do a better job of it!
I have got to figure out a better way to render trees.
Haha, Gareth on the last page was really fun to draw. :D He doesn't make that face very often.

The lettering on this page was fun too. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it now.

Anyway, the pace will start picking up now :3
I was going to tweak the tones on this one, but I forgot my thumb drive. I'll do it next weekend, and fix the hand on the previous page.

There will be 2 updates next week :)

@Sharky001 & Hikaru
We shall see ;3

I'd say he's more of a grandfatherly type.
Here we go! There will be another page tomorrow :)

It's supposed to be fur. Looks like I need a better reference next time!
Text heavy. In hindsight I should have spread it out more with scenes from the trappers point of view.

Next update will be Monday, Labor Day holiday :) Page just needs tones.
I'm going to try again to update on weekdays when there is no class in addition to Tuesdays.
Hah, finished 30 minutes before update time! I've got to stop putting off the interior scenes. They aren't that bad once I sit down and do them.
I need to make a buffer before school starts anyway! =3
I wish I had something better to post up here for this, especially after getting comic spotlight!, but between biochemistry, drawing comic pages, and preparations for my first artist alley I haven't had much time.
After this weekend I intend to sit down and paint a nice overall cover for this comic. ^_^

Anyway, when this updates I'll hopefully be breaking even in the artist alley at a small local con :)

Thanks again for taking the time to read, comment, and fave! <3
Woah, comic spotlight!
Thanks for reading, and all the favs and comments!
Okay, how is the size of the letters?
I think this is my favorite page so far :)

Mina thinks he is tasty like fish :P
And more attempts at talking shall commence shortly!
Double update! so click back once :D
I like how placing the solid tone in the bg makes all the trees pop out.