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I started drawing January 1st 2007, and CGing shortly after that. Most of my art is found at my deviantart, which is

I enjoy making comics and have plans for a few.
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    Callie McNeil
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Aw, that's adorable <333
No wonder he was panicking! I would do the same if anyone (especially the person I liked) saw my drawing of my crush!

But frig! So cuute~
This would be why I shouldn't be attempting to colour it as well. But I am. So help me OTL
-may be a little suicidal on that-
But yeah..sorry, it's going to take a while...and yeah, that -is- the first panel <<
I just really need to draw feet more

Anyway, enjoy my stick-sketches <<
I deleted this while cleaning out the archive, so I figured I might as well reupload this.

There are a few new features, and hopefully a new layout soon >>
+Summary on the profile
+links at the top of the page

Coming Soon-
+FAQ (ask away whenever!)
+Author Profile...thinger?
+smoother plot

-is almost crying more than she was before she read the updates-

It's sad ;A;
And I wonder if he's gonna, like, turn into Joey through possession. [nope. not gonna happen, but still funny to imagine Joey in Val's tall body hitting all the doorframes]
Excellent use of lighting, speedlines and creepy dead man pose as well as whatever you would call what only Valentine's freakishly tall body could pull off.

-goes to stare more, amazed by the coherency of her own comment-
I'm sorry to say my only thought was 'Wait... Does he even -have- to duck?!'
You must be getting tired of these
I'm not sure how many of you actually read these, but I might as well post a reason for extended hiatus.

So, here goes nothing.

I have no faith in being able to produce anything even remotely with a resemblance to a good comic page. What I have so far needs to be redrawn so many times so it actually -looks- decent in my opinion.
All in all, I don't feel secure in drawing my characters like this. So, even though I know how much a good writer is appreciated compared to a good artist, I think I'll try finding someone to illustrate it for me. It'll probably take a while, but I want this to be perfect. I've been drawing these guys so much my hand hurts, but I doubt it'll be possible to get them 'right' enough to make a great comic.

Please, bear with me. If I can't find anyone, I may just stick to other projects for a short while And there's exams coming up, but I'm not too worried about them yet.

I hope you understand,
It's a little late, but the last speech bubble has an odd wording. You used a double negative for his speech, which makes it somewhat confusing. I would suggest 'without anyone noticing' instead, as it sounds smoother. *is re-reading but thought it might be helpful to point this out*

I love the entire thing <3 Richard and Henry are by far my favourite characters in the whole thing! Great job!
Ah! I remember this! I believe I commented on it...or at least did in my mind xD
Colour only adds to Joey`s Grea-creepiness!
I really love this comic, so I thought I'd stop lurking enough to leave a comment. If I'm not mistaken, I think you missed the word 'I' in the last speech bubble in the first panel
Wow...just wow. The way you managed to take it from bright to angst/drama on just one page. This had got to be my favourite page out of all of them....not to mention how much I fell in love with this comic. The characters are each unique in their own ways [even if Joey might pass as Matthew with another eye xD] and how the plot shows how everything's perceived from *all* sides instead of just following one character's view.
I love her more and more with each page <3 [which is odd, because I normally favour the male characters]
W-woah woah woah! That wasn't Melissa?! I was so sure too >.<
[Naughty Hayden!]
Wow, even if you didn't say you wanted comments this was a page I would have commented on anyway...The transition from fear/shock to deathly calm was just...beautifully timed as well as illustrated.

The third panel is just...priceless. All the shading makes it stand out a little more than the first two, but in a good way.
I think my mind's telling me she's gonna go all Kung-Fu on them...Kung-Fu Kole... ^_^
This made me laugh really hard...At least there's a use for being taller than your parent is now ^_^
Poor Val...Beware the techno!

[I knew it was a sign of evil]
Isn't it spelt ally not allie?
oh well, great page anyway ^_^
Did he just put on eyeliner? and if he doesn't care if people see him in his underwear why'd he close the door?(to hide his Clark Kent superspeed?) {Sry, couldn't resist}
Gotta love the sexy eyes in the last pannel