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Alright, is there anyone, anyone at all, still willing to argue that "Gail isn't evil, just misunderstood" after this?
SunTzu and Northern Druid
I'm with Tzu on this one. Remember, Amber may not be completely selfless or virtuous or any of those other things only a Mary Sue is, but she's the one out there risking her life to help people. In the end, her motives for doing so matter little, she is saving people while Gail tries to hurt them. Yes, Gail's sympathetic, yes she had a hard life, but that does not excuse her of her crimes! She's a ruthless sociopath who you lot probably wouldn't be rooting for if she wasn't the protagonist. She's like Zim from Invader Zim, yeah, you like 'em, but they are still bad people (or aliens in Zim's case) that need to be put away or put down.

Being an orphan does not excuse arson, bank robbery, theft, mugging or attempted murder. Hell, JASPER is a better person than Gail because he at least admits that he's a bastard!