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It's gonna happen unless it doesnt
Shreck has to act quickly or else he's in big bad trouble time
This could be dangerous
Uh oh, looks like Shreck is in trouble
Complete it yo
Watch him go
Huh, I guess it is
There it still goes
There it goes
Here it comes
He's gonna go first
Fartsquad doesn't take the bait
Since they both have newly obtained abilities they need to be careful about immediately jumping to action
Emphasis on hopefully
I hope
In a surprise turn of events, Fartsquad returns, having managed to defeat the bears with the power of his new 'ability', which he has dubbed "All-Star". However, Shreck does not see the star, so he ignores Fartsquad's monologue and grabs the Blood Relic from the branches of a nearby tree.
What could it be? Find out next time, maybe