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i know youre seeing this

whats your excuse
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The adventurous journey of Shreck continues after the long wait in between seasons of Shreck the journey through thyme
@Divide: can you stop making rape jokes you freak
@ForestFire: Alex 100% of your sprites that I have seen have been absolutely fantastic please don't ruin these sorts of things for me
@Divide: They were never bad at spriting. This is still very well done, but you can't improve past perfection~
September 17th, 2016
@WildfireK: alright! I'll figure out if I can do something like this next time i have a good amount of spare time.
(btw the image didn't upload properly for this page)
@WildfireK: What exactly would that be like? I may be interested in helping create it!
@OmegaGeguz: i should and probably will
@OmegaGeguz: I believe this one is
kabutops, archeops, skarmory, fearow, ho-oh, and exeggcute
why do i turn all my titles into stupid injokes

EDIT: can somebody with Money please make this comic premium this file size limit is destroying my soul
@Midnight-fox18: I don't see any flareon in this
tbh I hope this comic doesn't become overrun by eeveelution gets old pretty quick
@9rainbowtails: then where does the "fl" come from
What is this a fusion of?
@ForestFire: you should do every major fnafjrp saga character