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I like to make comic's (usually Failing and making random mumbo jumbo) I try my best, Obviously i Like Kirby by my User Name, I wish to Become the Best Comic Maker to Make it up to the pros, I occasionally like other stuff but its always Nintendo or Sega Based.
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what is he screaming for? he is flying i tell you, FLYING!!!
@Trevor the Hedgehog: I am Pretty Sure Someone will beat Xiaolin and if i am correct (tell me if i am wrong) the reason why Xiaolin keeps winning is because of the suspense...this is one of my rare Smart guy momments...
the blue one is always the Mischievous one
I will not be on in the weekends
Aaah...Finally we are getting somewhere
Meh anyways i have school blah blah blah this took a whole week yadayadayada..
@JollyRancher44: i suggest you search for info on the kirby dream team comic they probably know, and ill just put you in the hero team but let me know and ill put you in the rival team
@JollyRancher44: ok one last question are they good or bad (not evil bad, and i probably know the answer to this)
Pin Wheel? We Commenters miss it very much, well atleast the battle is starting
This reminds me of a scene on Mother 3 where you have to run away from the Ult.Chimera or you might get eaten.
@JollyRancher44: and as for the king and queen kirby i dunno i'll think about it once the Chapter has ended because right now we are introducing the cast, in case you mean king and queen as in names they are approved as soon as i see the sprites.
@JollyRancher44: i am still able to it must be a glitch or something, but i need to finish making the first official comic so everyone knows where to put yourself like the bad guy lair and the good guy lair'n'stuff its a lot to do being i only get 2 hours of computer as soon as i get home. and and this you Can Find Cino and i forgot whats that waddle doo's name at your local Spriters Resource (TSR)
@JollyRancher44: Sorry For a late Responce I Could Use some Characters, and By the way what do you mean about King and Queen?
i noticed sometimes that the Galaixa has Spikes on it sometimes (in KRD Kirby Returns to Dreamland and the Meta knight intro of KSSU) anyways this is gonna be the duel of the Ages...
*Eats Strawberry frosted Party Cake while sipping Store brand Strawberry Soda* Hmm ironic straw berry with strawberry! *cheers for Karby and Kexas* Yaaaa!
Yaaaay! Updates! Anyways back on topic here i think That Lindroganti is using a sword or bomb ability, i think its a bit early to guess what ability hes gonna get From the Battle
Dark Meta knight is a fake of Alt Meta Knights are a fake of both dark meta knight and Meta knight but..I am Dizzy...
Now that my set is complete you can now look foward to future comics!