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Hmm looks like the chick who filmed aki and kaidou :/
I adore this story so far and I really really want to see how it turns out haha! :') But I'm going to say one page per day, so that you get the proper response and feedback on each page :) You must've worked really hard on this so you deserve it!!
Somehow, I think he's gonna say either 'me too' or 'Im cool with that', and become the rival in love that was one of the things that you said could happen, or, he'll totally freak out, sack Aki, and then instead we will get the option where Ryuuta sues Hisawa for firing Aki based on his sexuality. I honestly think and hope it'll be the first option, because I like Hisawa, he's a good guy. But the only thing I don't want is for him to fall in love with Aki, because I'm pretty confident that Aki will always love Kaidou and I don't want Hisawa's heart broken.
Awwww their faces!! <3 Anni you draw their expressions so well, oh my gosh. This page is adorable!
Wow your art is just amazing I cant get over it fffff <3
I actually have no idea, but I'm gonna bet that Naomi's boyfriend is Shuuhei. :I
I like how kaidou is smiling in every panel. :) That man doesn't smile enough.
And Strawberries are Charlie's favourite fruit. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! :)
Eeeeeehhhhhh Congratulations on getting 1000 fans!!! :D You really, really deserve it, I'm so proud of you! You have come such a long way from the beginning, it's amazing, and I'm sure you'll only continue to improve!!! :D
@Cynxcity: Lol if you recall half way through the comic aki mentions having beer bottles thrown at him :)
I don't think you should jump to conclusions, you don't even know why they did what they did. And I bet you wouldn't watch Batman or something and say, "this is too unrealistic".
November 9th, 2012
I'm a literature student, of course I have to.
The nail polish on the character wearing blue may represent the fact that they are transgender, as these are the colours of the trans community, much like the rainbow is for gays. The blue and pink of the flower also reflect this. The fact that one character is wearing sky blue and one is wearing deep red already shows the contrast in their likes and dislikes, which hints at their personalities. The chain with the jeans and the flower with the slacks clash in this image, also a representation of how different these characters' lives/backgrounds/attitudes must be. The blue background suggests that the story will be told primarily from the character wearing blue's point of view.
(I have a lit exam next week OTL)
Not gonna lie, I absolutely adore the full-body panels that you draw of these two, it really shows what they're about in my opinion - Aki appears more masculine and Kaidou's towering size makes him look like a really strong, safe support for Aki.
So much emotion, I really really hope that this whole situation works out okay :')

And I can't help but wonder if the Mum caught Kaidou mutter Aki's name. :)
September 28th, 2012
September 24th, 2012
HAHAHAHA BEST WEAPON EVER!!! I only discovered this comic yesterday, and I've got a really good feeling about it. It's such a great story so far, I love the art, and the characters are really likeable ~ thanks so much for sharing this with us ;D!! Black and white <3
Metz's expressions on this page a gorgeous, you have done so well with this comic. I should have commented before, I love it so much.
I adore the shading, especially on his cheeks as they make him look nervous, even though he thinks there is noone around.I am excited for the next page now haha!! Mic is such a beautiful character, and I think he cares for Metz a lot. I want to see what his intentions are on this page. I hope poor Metz doesn't have to go hungry. And perhaps they will share a proper conversation soon. :D Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art with us XD
August 2nd, 2012
Ahh wow! I haven't commented on one of your pages yet, but I would like to say they are absolutely amazing! I adore your art, the characters are well thought out and interesting. The new colouring is gorgeous, Im sure it does take a while (I still cant believe you have the patience to colour it in the first place - thank-you!). Anyways, I am so excited to see where this story takes us!! :D Thanks for this excellent comic, it is so cute and you have done a magnificent job! XD
These two are still so adorable :)
Thanks for another excellent page! XD
That Bird...
Is like the world's biggest cockblock. OTL

Just when their relationship was developing D: hahahah