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Likes: drawing, comics (duh), playing guitar (even though I'm not really good at it xD), movies, games (especially rpg's), graffitiing (and no, I'm not good at it, but I still enjoy it ^^), coffee!
Dislikes: obligations, rules, homework (DUH)

Oh yeah! I'm also on deviantart (CrimsonZhai), and on elfwood (Esther 'zhai' bouma).
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@Lindsey: Dankjeee :D
@nelger: I'm experimenting a bit :)
I'm glad you like it :D
In this page I've tried to bring more contrast to the panels where they are outside, don't know if I like it or not >.>

Edit: Oh, by the way, in the third panel, the guard checks the card (which was shown in the last panel on the previous page), which is needed to get in.
@nelger: Thanks :D
Lots of details on this page, but it was fun :)
Enjoy :)
Exams are finally over, I've got internet in my new home, and I've fixed my new screen, so I can update again, yay :D
@GerunKnarlson: Yes! I do remember you :D
Anyway, I liked commenting on your profile, so you don't have to thank me for that :)

And no, you didn't came off as stalkerish, hahaha, it's really nice to hear from you again!

Do you still update your drawings on the internet? It would be nice to see your improvement :D
Nice! Congrats :D:D
Hahahah, xD love the old man's reaction
@some_unkown_dude: Yeah, now that you've said that I notice it too! I'll try to add more variety on the next page, thanks for the advice :D
If anybody knows a tutorial about how to make interesting backgrounds, please post a link :P
Aand, again I'm late >.> I'm sorry, I'm having a really busy time with school 'n stuff, especially since I'm in my final year :/
And to be honest, I'm not really happy with the last two pages. I was looking for a faster way of making pages, but this isn't really working either >.>
Hi guys, I'm sorry for the late update. I don't have a lot of time anymore lately, so I was thinking about changing something about the pages so I can make them faster.

First option is to make the whole page on the computer (this page is made that way), but I don't know if I'm happy with it >.>

I'm going to think about other options, hopefully, I can update another page tomorrow :)
I can imagine, all that wood 0.0
Looks nice though :D
I like how Lila uses the word frivolous, it's just one word but it already says a lot about her o.o
She was also there in the last version :P First I didn't want her in the comic again, buuuut I couldn't really let her go xD
Sorry for the long wait D:

A lot of things have been happening lately, distracting me from the comic DX

And I need a new computer, I redid this page about three times because of the constant crashing >(

Sooooo I'll hope you'll forgive me :D?
Thaaaaaaaaaaanks :D
:D :D Thanks!!

And yes, it's based on a tiger, but it's a really large one :P and it has a few characteristics of some other big cats ^^