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Will be uploading again soon after a long 2 years of not updating.
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I'm Back!
I'm so sorry I've disappeared for so long, just a lot happened in my life, all at once, and I had no time to draw or write. I lost inspiration in art, and I was in hole that I couldn't get myself out of. But I'm back and here to stay, Thank you all that have stayed this long, I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart.
@raining_violets: Thank you! I'll be posting pages again soon after the past 2 years, thank you for you patience!
I love this <3
I literally loved drawing this page, i haven't enjoyed drawing this much in a long time :D
HIs Voice
Oh jeez here he comes finally after a whole month of not seeing Ai x)
Do whatchu want Sasumiiii
food is definitely my best friend xD
c:oh sasumi
we like the gay thoughts though... xD
Chapter 8 Woo!
Start of a new chapter, and the start of a new style (kinda haha)Ive been practicing drawing and trying to get better...but yea still attempting to get better, also this chapter is gonna be big, thats how im planning it and stuffz, so i hope you enjoy!

Thanks :)
Chapter 7/END
Yayyyy, another chapter done! Next chapter, i have a surprise for all of you.... x3
Ai WHY?!
Taking her on a date when he was messing with Sasumi's heart....shame on yoooou
Sorry I havnt updated in a while, i lost inspiration due to depression but im back for now and drawing :)
whats up with Ai and this lady friend of his?? xD
Back :)
Hai guys im back (again) ill update later today since im working on more pages and getting ready to end the chapter n.n
uhm, boobs..
So sorry ive been caught up with school, and have been depressed these past months but im back and happy, ill be uploading more pages through out this week Kay! :)

Thanks for sticking around<3
sorry i havnt updated for a whole month...i had exams these past few weeks Dx but now im on break for two whole weeks and now i can catch up on things c:

THank you guys for being patient n.n
nom nom c: