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I'm a young adult who's favorite hobby is drawing. I love My Little Pony, videogames and Doctor Who. I love my rats and my family. I currently work two jobs, at an animal shelter and a school custodian. Please be patient if you're waiting for a story update, my boyfriend takes up most of my free time <3
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Yaaaayyy!!! You're back! X3 Can't wait for more! I hope this is the chapter that all the Champions make their appearances~
Her palm is a meanie! Don't call her a monster D:
Aaaahhh!!! An update!! <3 I'm soooo glad I kept checking in X3 I still can't wait for all the other champions to show up and just screw with the gang in so many fun ways :D
Who is in the middle panel? At first glance I thought it was my Julius but then I did a double take and he's not my boy </3 But I'm still curious! He's quite the looker! 83
Yay!!! Finally another update! <3 <3 <3 No problem! I just thought I'd help ya out a bit ^_^ Spread the love between artists~

Well...If you want to draw another one of my characters, right now I'm working on a tumblr blog, kind of a mix between FNAF and MLP because I'm kinda obsessed with the two for some reason. If you want you could draw him or any of the other pony characters I have on my new DA. If you don't want to draw any ponies you can draw whoever you want, doesn't really matter. Fanart is love no matter what character it is <3
Aaahhhh!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 The fanart is so amazing!! I love it! Thank you thank you!! XD Genesis looks so awesome! Thank you! Thank you!

I can't wait to see Julius's bad behavior in action X3

Edit: O_o I didn't know there was a champion roleplay section on the forums! Julius is itching to take part but he's going to have to wait until after I get off of work tomorrow o3o

Edit again: So, read all ten of your guy's post pages, dunno how to have Julius enter .-. I think I might wait a bit until I see an opportunity.
Julius would totally get along with Oliver but he would so ignore the usual sexual harassment seminar's teachings and get a little too in his bubble at times and then get distracted when someone else comes into the room and forget that he was assisting Oliver with stuff XD
T_T Omg fanart <3<3<3 You totally know my weakness even though we don't know each other much at all XD But really, right now my life is a bit jumbled and I'm waiting until I can settle before starting my comics back up again. Unfortunately I'm living with my parents again and I just feel so awkward sitting on my computer and drawing when I'm at their house so I am trying to find some sort of income that lets me afford an apartment. Uggghhh D: I hate feeling awkward but I want to draw!! I NEED my own place ToT

On another note, Archie needs a two second break, that always helps me when I'm going crazy XD But I'm kinda hoping the champions are making a mess of the courtyard X3 Or at least Julius is a background character and I'll finally get to see him 8D
Squeee!!! An update! <3 Your welcome!! ^_^ I just happened to feel like helping out another comic artist (Not that I'm actually updating mine any more >_>;) But I still feel like you should do a patreon! It really helps out comic artists and I would totally support it if you made one :D
I'm really curious as to when exactly the Winter Solstice Festival will be. None of the characters said how many days away it was and I hope Drake's not going to just sleep right through it .-.

Edit: Mwhahaha, I clicked a button XD Hopefully there'll be a new page now o3o

Edit again: You should so totally make a Patreon page for Hurrocks Fardel, I would donate to it! <3 (I'm just being too impatient to see all the champions X3)
I really hope Julius isn't part of the coop D: I actually hope he saves Drake some how and says that he owes him a date XD
Pshaw, no worries about the art, my lil' Julie being in your comic is more than enough for me!! <3<3<3 And I just realized I didn't give him a personality when I made his history o3o I imagine him to be like Jack Harkness from Doctor Who if it helps any X3
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 8D I thought Julius was just going to appear in a flash back for a story time question but he's actually going to be appearing as a character the main can TALK TO?!?! OMG YAY I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW \(*T▽T*)/
Say yes say yes say yes!!!!

I've always wanted to play a pokemon game from Team Rocket's point of view!!!
And, there ya go. Everybody say 'Good bye' to Navaernie!

Please read up on the news as it has information that y'all might be interested in knowing o3o

P.S. This is the last page that is guest shaded by my good friend Sanjana <3
Look, it's another page :D

Oh and by the next update there will be an amazing change @_@ I can't wait to show you guys!!!
Haha, thanks guys! I totally thought all my readers got impatient and left and I wouldn't get any comments any more :x So sorry T3T The next two pages are also being shaded by the same person (Gift to me for making her site layout) so honestly I dunno how long that might take but not as long as I made you guys wait for this page! I promise X3 A year is waaay too long. And while I wait for the other two pages, I am working on the ones afterward. I am!! Honest o3o
Look it's a thing.

P.S. Yes I know the layout's buggy, I'll fix that soon and the previous pages I finally got around to finishing the shading on.
So, who was the winner of the contest? o3o
OMG my Julius looks so smexy in your art style 8D Love it how there's dead ground under Julius and healthy grass around Aylis too~

And I agree with having them do the balance thing ^_^

[Edit] Wallpaper, I must has but...It's not the voting incentive D':