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Hiya! I'm Misty. I am a Chiropracric graduate. But I also I love drawing and telling stories through my art! I've been sharing my artwork online for free for more than ten years, including my many webcomics (White Velvet, Old Flame, The White Tower, Tales from Aaron's Wings, A Woman of Dust, Grey Eyes, The Chronicles of Dru...and more coming all the time!). Much of my work tends to be bright and colorful, of the fantasy genre, and has a romantic theme to it. This is not always the case though, as I also deeply enjoy dark and intense themes as well. You'll find a plethora of range from me!

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@CarolinaD: Thank you for reading~!
The sex talk was interrupted! But by who?
Our official introduction to Quinn! The cutest and sweetest Necromancer ever.
And as anticipated, it's wooooonderful!

There will be full illustrations just like for any other Chronicle, but until then...
I imagine it's *almost* as bad as living in Arizona. :D
@GeeksOverHipsters: Hahah, thanks very much! I promise Mike will pick up more of the language as we go on, but for now you get to enjoy the mystery~ Thanks for reading!
@Jellyfish_tacos: Aww, thanks so much! <3 I'm glad you enjoy my work.
Hookin' it up. :D
@IronDog: Very true, haha.
@IronDog: thank you thank you~
@IronDog: That's how Gia rolls, baby~
@IronDog: She's not *terribly* atypical, but yeah.
@IronDog: Aww, thank you~ I'm glad you enjoy that aspect.
@IronDog: Thank you~! <3
Them Dwalens, all touchy-feely!
Looks like Mike mighta gotten something out of the service despite not being able to fully understand it~
The final winner of last year's Chronicles of Dru contest is a story by: IndigoIdelle~!
Been a while, but I've finally found time/energy to do my portion of the illustrations of this one. xD This Chronicle is super adorable, and I hope y'all enjoy it!
@Huntik13: Thank you thank you~ It was nice doing a more "artsy" page. It's been a while since we've had one. ;^)
@BlueBabey: Thanks so much for reading!!
@GeeksOverHipsters: Heheh, thank you so much for reading! I'm so glad you read it all in one go and are ready for more! <3