Hiya! I'm Misty. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Chiropractic. But I also I love drawing and telling stories through my art.

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It's a special power.
@Blackchick: Plus he's being shoved into it, too.
@Travelingpooch: The first panel is just another random shot of goings-on around them. In this case, an Ynoizmno is either admiring/selling/giving an earring to another man.
Sensory overload!
@Huntik13: I'm glad you like the look of the village!
@Huntik13: I'm so glad you're looking forward to it!!
People, places, and things!
@Blackchick: Ooo yeah. Mike's gonna be craving for a while. ;^)
@Travelingpooch: Hahah, no no. He is not dead--I don't write stories like that. xD
Looks like Elod may be getting a little annoyed with Mr. Loud Mouth, huuhuu.
@Blackchick: One must wonder if Mr. Koat is actually worried about Mike, though. He may not be the one in danger. ;^)
Elod has questions too.

Hey hey, we're back! Sorry about that little intermission; I had a lot of stuff going on (National Boards Part IV, moving, getting all my shit together, etc). :faint: But anyway, we're back! It may take me a little while to get back to more frequent updates as I am still recovering from stuff, but rest assured that we are back.
@Huntik13: Quite possibly~ ;^}
Now he knows that a certain someone lied.
But why did he lie? And why does Mr. Koat find that interesting?
Wakey wakey!
This is probably gonna be the only page for this week; my National Boards exam is this Friday and Saturday, so I've got things to study and practice. :P
@Blackchick: I'm so glad you like him! He's a cool guy, once you get to know him. :D
@Arcane Allusion: It's not really a spoiler, so: Mr. Koat is in fact a native. ;^)
Reality begins to set in for poor old Mr. Koat.
@miakoda.kara: It's the only way to go~
@ariberi: Hahah, that's great! xD Luke would close that distance though, just sayin'.