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Hiya! I'm Misty. I am a Chiropracric graduate. But I also I love drawing and telling stories through my art! I've been sharing my artwork online for free for more than ten years, including my many webcomics (White Velvet, Old Flame, The White Tower, Tales from Aaron's Wings, A Woman of Dust, Grey Eyes, The Chronicles of Dru...and more coming all the time!). Much of my work tends to be bright and colorful, of the fantasy genre, and has a romantic theme to it. This is not always the case though, as I also deeply enjoy dark and intense themes as well. You'll find a plethora of range from me!

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@Stygian Angel: Aww, thanks so much! It's always so cool to know when someone takes the time to crack the code. :D And double thank you for keeping all translations under your hat. ;^)
@Auldr: Thank you so much! I'm so happy to know that all that imagery resonated with you. I had been looking forward to drawing these pages for a long time, and it is so wonderful to know that all these details are being appreciated. Thank you!
@Huntik13: It's kiiiiiinda left up to the reader to decide that, but I'll let you know that my intention here was that it was a dream. ;^)
@Arcane Allusion: Uuuhhh, actually not my intention, but now that you've brought it to my attention I can see it, haha.
@Jellyfish_tacos: Ever so briefly~
All out of the smokes.

And that's it for this chapter! For those of you who don't follow my other comics, a note: GE will be on a little break while I finish up Larger than Life, as that has been waiting to be finished for a very long time, and it's time to get it done. :heart:

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

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I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but Muck is That Dark Lord's Court Wizard. He may be small, but he's a powerful little guy. Plus he's using illegal Rune Magic, huuhuu. The perks of being Evil!
An artsy potion effect page~
A good dream.
I had written this scene so long ago that I forgot about the joke. x3 Easily some of my best work, if I do say so myself. xD
Thrown out!
Probably not the first time though, and probably not the last. x3
Poor Quinny--no one takes her seriously!

The story is written by: GrimReapette!
It's been a long time, so: The Dark Lord made good on his threat to use children as his test subjects, lest Brynn try to poison him.

And now TDL is truly unstoppable! What could this mean for Brynn and Fat Dave? And indeed, the entire world of Dru?!
@Total_Tempest10: She 100% does~! ^o^
@Follinette: Mmhmhm~ Loh never ever shows complete kindness, and she never shows weakness. (And yay~! I'm glad you've read "The Slaves" and remember those details.)
@Eyrist: Hahah, then that would be bad for BOTH of them. XD
@CarolinaD: Good~
In the land of dreams~
Sorry folks, but Jenna will be sitting this one out! She's just a tad too inexperienced to take on The Dark Lord right now. ;)