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Hiya! I'm Misty. I am a Chiropracric graduate. But I also I love drawing and telling stories through my art! I've been sharing my artwork online for free for more than ten years, including my many webcomics (White Velvet, Old Flame, The White Tower, Tales from Aaron's Wings, A Woman of Dust, Grey Eyes, The Chronicles of Dru...and more coming all the time!). Much of my work tends to be bright and colorful, of the fantasy genre, and has a romantic theme to it. This is not always the case though, as I also deeply enjoy dark and intense themes as well. You'll find a plethora of range from me!

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@Blackchick: Pfft, table manners vary from world to world. ;^D Elbows on the table are a-okay here!
Mikey can make spaghetti, eggs,, maybe a steak if he feels like it. Heheh. He is very limited.
@cactuscomputer: Mystery Beauty Queen, please. ;^D
@ZSoj: That is his M.O.
@Blackchick: Heheh, well we had to get his shirt off somehow! He's such a choir boy, apparently.
And your comment made me smile, heheh. <3
@Huntik13: Mhm, just a little one! I only do timeskips like these when there's really *nothing* of interest that's happened for a while. :^3
@YaoiGirl09: Hahah, what a small world! My sister has a Strawberry Shortcake blanket that she's had forever. xD
@Blackchick: Koat: I will not buy new things for myself ever!
@Blackchick: Nahh, you don't have to worry about Elod. She can handle herself.
Everyone's looking so gorgeous!
Your covers are always so gorgeous! Love the concept here.
Reirse Jr. is one of my favorite characters from The Enigmatic Insect. <3
@Zimeta08: I love all the detail on the onion~!
I really really like that fifth panel. It turned out so nicely.

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Mike's more calm now, but still complain-y.
It's VALENTINE'S DAY. So y'all get an extra page~
Y'all know how I like my artsy illustrations every now and then~ And this one ended with the perfect opportunity! <3

Enormous thanks to our guest storyteller Rachel, who provided us with a fantastic Chronicle! ^0^ It was an absolute joy to illustrate this tale!

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Elod's expression in the fourth panel is one of my favorite expressions I've done in a while, hehe.

Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I will use my sister's (DrZime --> misc characters as background folks when I'm feeling lazy or when I want a different look that she's better at achieving~
@vandrere: Thanks for reading! Tempus will appear in future stories of mine.
@AutumnWolf20: Hahah, what an adventure~! xD I'm glad you're excited~!
@Huntik13: Thank you thank you~!