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hello, work has taken over my life, and if i'm not working, i am drawing, playing basketball or playing video games
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I love your shading :-)
Especially the last panel
I would seriously buy a hoodie or a jacket with that design :-)
A pecha scarf?
@Gigazyber: I like it to, makes me want one
@RedJac: quietly and without being noticed :-)
I actually don't mind getting a new type added, Just going to take some time to get used to it
Lol, the best way to dish out revenge if you ask me
@sconic123: I bet we will find out soon XD
That's a pretty good nickname though
Lol dang Maduza, teaching that Tyranitar who's boss :-)
good luck with your internship =)
Lol, gotta love foreshadowing
lucky, i wish i was done with all of my finals
lol, just made my day
This brings up a good point though, Luxray have the ability to see through things, so why didn't he see the 'three' behind the rock earlier????
im not sure why, but i got a ton of bazaars around that part of the story too..weird...
dang! thats a nice fire punch