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Yanma would've been immune to Earthquake since it was part Flying-Type so the Skill Swap was essentially pointless making the strip even more funny.
Clich├ęs keep TV Tropes up and running.
Royalty need more respect than that, Kalinka. Unless it's Blaze.
I think I can solve all this confusion and mess with four words: alternate timelines/universes/dimensions.
Even the prepared can come unprepared.
Even perfection has flaws.
I figure someone's gonna reference it sooner or later in this arc, so I might as well do it now.

Rouge: "You're going to tear me apart, Bass!"
Taking an insult as a compliment... you don't see many of those often.
Would he like fries and a cola with that?
If Roll was in Brawl, that broom would be the equivalent of the Home-Run Bat.
You gotta love reverse psychology.
Sonic IS right though: some people take things way too seriously.
Now that's what I call confidence... or a classic Tortoise and the Hare mistake...
There can be only one!
I'm imagining the next comic will go something like this:

Big: Spanish?
Tango: English!
Big: Irish?
Tango: English!!
Big: Turkish?
Tango: English!!!
Big: British?
Tango: ENG- You know what... British is close enough...
"That's bad" wouldn't have sounded right either...
No no no... it should be "he can either be more evil, or he can be dead." I think.
Marine needs glasses... or to lay off the caffeine... or to get some help with her ADD... or all three...
For Weil, the phrase should be along the lines of "Keep your pawns close, and your enemies closer."