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OMGGG PERFECT XD poor colby ;_; bein number 1 host and all haha
It'll go over well I'm sure XDDD he's so cute ;^;
Love the hair...and the treats ;___;
Everybody getting all up in Andy's business ô_ô
He is gonna make for some VERY interesting dynamics inside the cafe, I'm sure!! XD I lub him already ;^;
It's perfect!!!
So precious he is ;^;~
Oh nuu ;o; So scandalous~
Manny is a pro
@CursedRabbitsFoot: They should do a clothes swap, Kumo would be into it

@TheCurrySan: *3* I wanna peek in ken's closet too... -kumo

@Rajay: I am -obsessed- with drawing hair XD
The ever-changing hairstyle. I have no idea why there's a sparkly gyaru hairdo though...

Also, he's not fond of shoes. XD
Oh my goodness WHAT HAVE I CREATED with gil XDDD Gotta love him tho~

Also everyone looks supa fabulous on your page!
He pays people to do that. Like a boss.

Sweatpanty Andy :3
Nekkid *__* He is sooo cute tho
I wanna do one too *_*

Punk is the only appropriate style...
I wanted to make a character questionnaire for Kumo... but I kinda failed.

And was too tired from school.

And slacked off.

But I'll do some more later. XD
@CursedRabbitsFoot: Everyone is gonna be on it... It's canon now *__*
So presh ;^;~