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I just wanted to share how much I love Devil's Cake story development. I look forward to the updates and find the art style and world beautiful. Thank you for your dedication and consistent pacing in your updates!
X} I will wait for the next update.
He took the bracelet off? Oh man, I will wait for the next page eagerly.
Finally! I hate seeing her be such a push over. Can't wait to see the next update.
OMG, i found this yesterday on tomgeeks and i just couldn't stop myself from reading it! =D fav'd!
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever this comic updates. I can't say what exactly appeals to me in this comic...the serial killers? the asylum? the crazies? I think it's the crazies.
I love how charming this webcomic is. It flows nicely too! =]
December 28th, 2007
I don't think there is anything wrong with what you vented about. If one wants to get technical, nothing is really 'original' anymore. The idea of 'plagiarism' in art and stories is so subject, the definition doesn't even fit what is happening a nymore. I wrote a whole paper on "art and 'plagiarism'" for my English class. My only conclusion: it doesn't really matter if it's used for learning so long as it helps to building a 'creative identity.' (I picked that topic because I'm going to school to be an Art Educator.)You are doing great.

Don't let someone come in claiming to 'know all' get to you. It would be wise to take note of what the art community calls 'movements.' If you look at those artists, you could say the all copied everything off each other. It's a funny business that really has little merit...Sorry, I know feel like I'm ranting.

EDIT: I meant to mention this, but I was so tired, that it slipped from my mind. You grammar/wording doesn't bother me. I for one, think that it is something to be praised to be able to share something in a language that isn't one's native tongue. It takes guts to do that. There are a few other people on the web who post in English without it being their major language and I only think higher of them - and you - for being able to do that. Because of this, you are my hero.
I am interested in were this could go...I love your art! *fav*
December 25th, 2007
OMG!!! I found this comic yesterday and I love it so much!! It's super cute and the art is lovely. I can't wait for more updates!

...Oh, Merry Christmas!
November 28th, 2007
*fan girl scream* ioh, i love this comic. <3
October 15th, 2007
Oh no! Poor Aria!! Oh no, oh no!!
September 30th, 2007
Oh no! Oh no! OH NO!! What will happen next?? Waaaaah!

*I heart this comic so*