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@Guest: I always imagined the signs that size, but it never occurred to me until i made this page... how would you read that? It's too short.
My mistake, drawing the sign first.
@catfire13: I seriously very VERY nearly forgot to show them get new clothes.
Always buy extra Ariadne Thread...
@catfire13: I've spent much time since i was small trying to figure out the logistics of Escape Rope. It doesn't make a ton of sense, no matter how you slice it.
Eh, it’s a pretty low level Raichu
FINALLY back! I am working on these gradually, so expect the rest in chunks!
She's not actually in this chapter.
I think I'll put these at the starts of chapters. We'll see.
@Guest: Working on it. It's a doozie and I'm back in my old page for page format.
It is on it's way though...
@Meta-Akira: Thanks! I love the idea, but it doesn't always turn out quite right. This one I like though. :)
@osarumon: Thanks, yo! I intend to!
@Golb989: I don't blame you for forgetting. It's been far too long...
I'm just a thought what drifts in on the wind when you least expect me...
@BakaZick: Glad somebody missed me!
ALSO, I've been drawing these two in updated wardrobes for almost a year now over on my Tumblr, and nearly forgot that this is where they buy new clothes. Close one!
Hey, guess what...
Bet you all thought I had died.
Back in action and ready to churn out a couple more!

Goldenrod is big, and I could easily come up with 5 chapters worth of stuff to cover between Route 34 and the National Park.
Instead, I decided to do two short/regular chapters and one montage. Stay tuned, as I am hoping to keep the ball rolling!
So this is the first new chapter in my so called reboot of my own comic. I wanted to do Misty's chapter this way since the beginning. It's just so dumb, that it makes me smile!
The second part was especially fun to draw, especially with Killa earning his name!
I know the smell by heart, I hate to say. Neglected tanks have a very distinctive rank to them.
Screw this page. Seriously.
Oh No, CUTE.
Mt Moon is a pain in every form, and I refuse to waste time drawing it.
I actually tried to write a Pokemon comic when I was in high-school, and Mt Moon killed any interest I had in continuing.

All I did to HD this one was add shadow.