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I put my comics online 'cause I've got a feeling the interent's going to be pretty big.
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Since I first read Gibson's original script, this was one of the pages I was looking forward to the most, because I wanted Biz's death to be grotesque. My plan was to go full gore-porn on this shot. As we drew closer to actually making the page, though, it became apparent that it just would've been too much of a departure from the tone of the book. Ah well. I'm sure there are more zombie comics in my future.
@DizzyMuse: Oh, don't worry, we'll keep pushing at this until it's done! ALSO, new page coming pretty soon.
So they're on the EAST coast...
It's just bread. He didn't have time to make a sandwich.
Who else is excited for the Biz spin-off in which he pulls his life back together and dedicates himself to helping the less fortunate?
Dude, my heartstrings...
Very soon!
I'm blushing...
Now that I see this online, my perspective's all off...
@MaximumCarnage: You may have been onto something here.
@sentiashinou: Not at all. I encourage it!
I like Shawna, too, and like drawing her. Shame she's not in it more.
This is my favourite. You guys are my favourite.
Walking in and out of a Subway is like putting on sandwich-scented perfume.
The second panel was a bit touchy to execute. I had an idea for the layout that I was set on (Ellis's face front and centre, exactly as the previous panel and the two panels on the last page), but Gibson and I both agreed that showing the results of Joe's attack head-on like that might come off as gratuitous. I think by keeping her face mostly obscured while still pointing directly at the viewer, we get the point across of the brutality of the act without crossing a line. I hope anyway.
Thanks, Djer. Hope the page didn't disappoint!
Just discovered this and read it from the beginning. You're doing great stuff here. I love how you're flipping traditional Zelda elements on their heads; the silent protagonist is now SUPER chatty, Link and Ganon are childhood friends, etc. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Everybody wish Mr. Twist a happy birthday!
Don't listen to him. I'm in my 30's and I still use garbage bags to move clothes and linens.
Thanks, Twisted!