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I put my comics online 'cause I've got a feeling the interent's going to be pretty big.
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    Ben "Steamroller" Steeves
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Hello, Bay Station, old friend.
You beautiful boy.
Fantastic Pursuit of Happiness reference.
I didn't realize that Pizza Pizza was the infamous Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage! I mean I suspected, but...

Anyway, yeah, it's not terrific but it's perfectly acceptable pizza, so long as it's fresh.
Oh, this page had to come on a Friday, huh?? Damn cliffhangers.
There are at least TWO things I love in the second panel. Think I also see a nod to Rori. Nicely done.
I think you could still get away with that.
He can't! There's no Joni in the playlist!
*Pops on The Hip and drifts away
This page looks the way it does because I've just recently been certified.
@kami: Can't help you there.
Love that diner shot! And the Hundred Acre Wood gang! Patrick's such an Eeyore.
What comic is he reading, huh?!
@Guest: Hey, if you're serious about getting print copies, we've printed the first 4 chapters so far. Send Gibson or I a private message if you're interested.
@Noisy: Thanks, Noisy. We're on kind of taking it slow while we figure some stuff out, but hopefully we'll be able to churn out some new pages soon.
Josh says:

Well… That looked like it hurt.

Ben says:

Yeah, he’s gonna need some aloe.
"It was a little funny" is exactly the comment I was going to make.
I saw this the day it went up, and somehow just got the pun in her name now.
This was the most ambitious comic page I’ve ever done and it took SO many hours. So, so many.

Josh gave me direction as far as what Scurryport should look like, but I also had some ideas of my own. For one, I felt that, given the history of the city (which you can find on our Facebook page “Demon Plague Quarantine Zone”), it should look very slap-dash, as though it were built by people who really didn’t know much about architecture. This was fairly easy for me, since I really don’t know much about architecture. Additionally, I figured the place is populated by people that are literally trapped in Hell, so the inside of the protective dome should be disguised an Earth-like sky to make the denizens feel more at home. I also thought that beautification would be important to these people, especially in the poorer districts, hence the colourful paint on the buildings.