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I put my comics online 'cause I've got a feeling the interent's going to be pretty big.
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One of the fun parts about working on this story with Josh is that he lets me play around and help expand the world he’s been developing for most of his life. For example, while this page called for an establishing shot of the temple, I added the statues in front, calling them the “Weeping Guard”. From there, Josh and I developed a brief history for them, cementing them in the lore of Kalidak: They are the guardians of the the goddess Zulida. While they are depicted as giant elves here, inspired by the now-extinct Tru'ells, other sects of Zulida worshipers represent them in entirely different forms, but always shown with tears streaming from their eyes.
In my head the sword, Angelo, had to be elegant, yet brutal. From that I determined that dwarves would have forged it, and that’s where the final design came from. Another version had it made entirely of flesh, and while it looked pretty cool, it just didn’t fit.
This story opens as most stories do: with a shadowy figure stalking winged Imps in the fiery depths of Hell.
Obligatory credits page
Look at my work here:

Look at Ashley’s work here:

And look at photos of Josh with his shirt off for no reason here:
February 4th, 2018
HUGE thanks for the amazing colours on this cover to Ashley M Witter (of Squarriors and Scorch fame). She’s an extremely skilled artist and pretty awesome person, and I highly suggest looking at her work over at and read her newest comic
@GriningGoat: The site that hosted the original files is no longer in operation, and I've lost a lot of the original pages to a bad computer. But it's safe to say this one's dead.
@Onyxlight: Originally, before I started drawing the comic and I was sending Gibson character design sketches, I only had those marks on her face to show she'd lived a hard life. When it came time to start showing the progressive transformation of young Ellis into present Ellis, I did actively decide that the marks under her eyes would be the result of Joe's attack. Good catch!
Since I first read Gibson's original script, this was one of the pages I was looking forward to the most, because I wanted Biz's death to be grotesque. My plan was to go full gore-porn on this shot. As we drew closer to actually making the page, though, it became apparent that it just would've been too much of a departure from the tone of the book. Ah well. I'm sure there are more zombie comics in my future.
@DizzyMuse: Oh, don't worry, we'll keep pushing at this until it's done! ALSO, new page coming pretty soon.
So they're on the EAST coast...
It's just bread. He didn't have time to make a sandwich.
Who else is excited for the Biz spin-off in which he pulls his life back together and dedicates himself to helping the less fortunate?
Dude, my heartstrings...
Very soon!
I'm blushing...
Now that I see this online, my perspective's all off...
@MaximumCarnage: You may have been onto something here.
@sentiashinou: Not at all. I encourage it!
I like Shawna, too, and like drawing her. Shame she's not in it more.
This is my favourite. You guys are my favourite.