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hello! im originally from Sweden but i have been living in japan since 2007 ..all i do is draw all day long
rushed paged is rushed omg i literally JUst finished this page ack
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thank you for reading love you!!

ahh and i might not be able to update next week...don't kill me*runs away*

but my cat is all better :D
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i don't have any more pages done on patreon working on it..but i still have family staying with me and one of my very old cats is not really well so i dont have much time to draw..
heheheheh :D
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im working on sketching atm but more finished pages will be up on my patreon soon(probably :P )
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i have already posted the uncensored on my secret tumblr :3 if you are my friend i might give you the link if you send me a private message :D
@*milk+assassin*: haha i changed it to this version on WT too tho :P it looks too bad being all whited out
@HiWayXingFrog: @Quadrant: @portisHeart
it's okay guys! <33 thank you for reading :D fyi i edited the page to have a little less censoring :P maybe i was overdoing it haha
ahh sorry for censoring this page D: i usually don't censored stuff here as you know.. but i feel like so many kids are reading this now, and i don't want to scare them for life D: i hope you understand <33 uncensored is on my patreon for $2+ patrons :D and the 2 pages after this is also already up! very NSFW so beware! :P

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April 22nd, 2018
next page is up on my patreon(for$2+) and it's very NSFW (*/ω\*) more pages will be posted soon
April 21st, 2018
@BluCupkakkes: ??? ^^;
April 15th, 2018
i really liked how this page came out :P hehe took soo long to ink tho
April 1st, 2018
hey guys sorry bout the late update i was at easter dinner with my family D: happy easter everyone!

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March 25th, 2018
how do you even draw a chibi with a boner?
March 18th, 2018
the next 3 pages are up on my patreon for $2+ patrons!
thank you for reading <333
March 11th, 2018
@Quadrant: lmao yes! japanese park bathrooms tend to be ridiculously clean!
March 11th, 2018
i like evil seki and sad keisuke (・`ω´・)
the next 2 page are up on my patreon fore $2+ patrons
March 4th, 2018
ah finally im back :D
the next 2 pages are already up on my patreon for $2+ patrons :D
February 18th, 2018
@Remawolf: thank you <3
February 18th, 2018
i won't be updating next week..i don't have any pages lol working on it, but i have a cold and is kinda dead..
but thank you guys so much for reading and i'll see you in 2 weeks :3