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October 19th, 2018
Librarian: SHHH!
IS that a ground cherry?
I suspect this is what might be called a "Goblin Fruit"
by White Wolf's Changelings.
I Am also sad to see it go. Perhaps someday you could consider making an ordinary comic out of the rest of the tale, or writing some stories...
Wait, those peacock eyes.. OK that has me worried.
"My Girl Back Home"
I'm pretty certain he didn't tell his girlfriend he was going. . . .
@Delta-v: I was thinking the same thing. Conan better have it, by Crom!
April 25th, 2017
@Respheal: Din: Do you know how to dance?
Conan: I can waltz.

Just had a small waking dream where the pair stopped by a local dance academy, because a noble MUST know all the latest dances, or at least the courtly ones.
Wouldn't want Conan to embarrass himself by not knowing the Saaryecominastral.

Din: Take the lead. I'll be the woman.
Conan: But you're taller than I am!
April 23rd, 2017
@Respheal: Condin confirmed??
But seriously . . .
Din: What did your parents tell you . . . About your family?
Conan: That I was the child of their hearts, if not their loins, and that's all that mattered.
April 23rd, 2017
@Respheal: *Looks again* Ah, so they DID make it to the other side of the gate.
@Delta-v: Oh, I knew you were being funny; I'm just turning it on its head.
@Delta-v: You can't really blame him- he's clearly not in control of his own body at the moment; in fact, I suspect he's been hijacked by the City Daemon, and this was the most energy-efficient way of stopping him. His contortions in the last panel, however, suggest he's attempting to re-exert control -look how his core is trying to rise while his limbs keep him pinned to the pavement.
@Respheal: After much thought I believe Pascal was bound by the Royal Imperative, forcing his body to recoil and prevent him from attacking.
@Respheal: Lanzer and the crew are back in charge now, might wanna check it out
February 28th, 2017
"Then I'll change the world.... so we're no longer stray dogs."
February 28th, 2017
@Respheal: Having now read up on daemons, it makes sense that the City Daemon might specifically warn Conan, as he may even outrank the city's own nobles! But indeed, it seems to hint that Din himself may himself be a bit dangerous.
BTW I tried to cosplay Din with my Gaia avatar. I may not have got the colors right, but the attitude, definitely.
Hey, what about Tyler's collar?
I wonder if Cypher's going to WANT his taken off. After all, magic's transformed his life already- he might not want to risk alienating his mentor.
@stkbayfield: Don't forget to link from the previous one,