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dododododododododdodododo lalalalalallalalalalalalal heheheheheheheh hahahahahah MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA *cough cough cough cough*
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TT_TT She's all grown up! See what you made her do Atty... See what you made her do!!!
You're a terrible Father figure.
(lol jk)
I'd just, you know... break the door in half... who needs stealth?
aaaah I love ZapRat's face in this....
lol I wear guy jackets but I don't think I'd have that problem even if I wore women jackets... *FLAT*

And try not to get sucked into the internet while helping your friend move it, just go put on music...
one of my cat's is like that, but he's MR and it's a comfort thing for him, like a kid with a blanky, it's like the box is hugging him, he also does this other wierd thing where he puts his whole face into my shoe and falls asleep...
woooah... my 7th Period is art too!!!
But we were talking about killing people today...(lol)
XD I thought he was knitting for a moment... you know... tell her no guys knits to hide the fact he's doing it... and all that... ya...

He doesn't look so bad boy with glasses... It must be something important that he's doing if it makes him go against his bad boy routine.
*heart melt, dies, soul leaves to go find the place where ink lies*
LOL JK But seriously, so so cute!!!
OMG I love watching revenge take place, even accidental ones.
dude... you have the worst luck, I'm sorry...

I got in a car wreak year before last, the car infrount of me stopped, so I stopped, and the car behind me didn't, it rammed me into the car infrount of me and sandwhiched my car!
Then he acted like it was our fault, even though we were at a stop sign!!!
WHAT ABOUT ZAP RAT?! Is it a girl or boy?! :o
*fangirl cap abuse*
This is for your most depressed cat.

*clears throte and gives counciler look*
How are you feeling about that? Mhmmm.... And how does that make you feel?
MHMMMM! And how does THAT make you feel?

lol no, I donno.
:3 do you feel like
"it's not too late? It's never too late?"
And thats for any and all who want to answer it! ^^
omg your work...

Then again, I can't say It's unbelievable since me and my sister played rock-paper-scizzor-lizard-spock while in wal-mart. just to see who would buy the soda... lalala
Lol I'm sorry, you totally jinxed yourselr!
aw sorry... could be worst... you could live in Texas like me... the ground it catching on fire from just the sun being on it for so long...