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Twist is that he steals the Rapidash but just rides off on it instead of turning it in
Some of these would make fun avatars
Namely that dragonite
no sarcasm (still no sarcasm [for real])
I'm guessing from the team notes that a lot of the deaths were a misjudgment of hydreigon's speed/moveset? As, from the look of things, revenge would've been more than enough to take it down after. Personally have had similar situations in my own Nuzlocke runs and quite a few competitive fights.
Regardless, you won! And that's better than this all ending on a wipe! (though it would've been amusing if you came back for revenge with Fart the Stunfisk!
Would be quite a sight to see him try going 8 seconds on that big guy
I 'dig' the setup
I'm guessing he had to make a few stops along the way due to his smoking habits
realizing that this chapter has gone on for almost a year
I saved the day
*everything's on fire*
I appreciate the GSNK reference in the description :P
Noooooo Ooooone
Farms like Toby
No one freaks like Toby
No one dies trying to save his sis like Toby!
@m_celeri: not nearly as bad as on the boat
@m_celeri: nah, it's just the magmar again :P
@H0lyhandgrenade: can learn thunderBOLT though!
@00Stevo: i believe she left the boat before she got the chance
Ah yea, the girl doing 'completely innocent things' in a bathroom stall with a dude
@Holy_Giratina: well if i recall the trio never showed up to the confrontation, not that it ultimately matters as it'll still be 7v7
Looking at the last panel like "wait weren't their 8 of-OH RIGHT, he's dead..."
Brings a whole new meaning to the name Cui'burn'
I'll 1v1 you in Club Piplup!
the one string in the bottom panel looks a bit...transparent
Maybe he's just slowly vanishing from sight starting with the little bits :P