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So I can just put whatever I want here?
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@Guest: "It's done, guys."
....also I was making a joke.
Bold of you to end both Rumplestiltskin and Mokepon so soon
And in that instance, there was a loud *plorp* sound that came from Atticus's chest. For George's words had a small effect on his bog of a soul.
*does a running kick*
King: Kids say the darndest things heheh. To the dungeon with it.
Got a nickname for Charmander and Bulbasaur.
@BattleStarX: Facial hair can be a different color to the hair on your head. Like with Mario.
I'm brunette and still find red hairs in my beard.
He couldn't get the girl so he settled for her child.
Also he was a Native American werewolf...wait, wrong series...
You get used to the abusive cross-hatching, fine details, and heavy shadows, things don't feel the same without them
I only have one question
Is that Dux or Ch'ding? in the first panel?
Take him away!
I would....but my foot's asleep and it's super uncomfortable to walk on.
Mentioned already but my best guess is still MTG bless the crack and Marilyn Monroe
Was gonna say before the challenge was thrown :P
@H0lyhandgrenade: Was that an actual theory? Where he made her jump through all those emotional hoops to marry HIM and have HIS child that HE could then steal...from himself?
Make sure to at least get half now half later
@HVoice: or set unrealistic deadlines for a commission
@eishiya: Well if not just the quote, could make it a bit more visually pleasing by either making it a bigger bubble or some simple illustrations to go alongside the quote. personally I wouldnt have just the text under the panel as it feels like it'd detract a bit from it. dunno, too tired to mentally map out and plan graphic stuff
@eishiya: Personally I'd go with just the quote as, because of how small the bubble would be, I'd prefer people not staring at my nipple
Twist is that he steals the Rapidash but just rides off on it instead of turning it in