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I'm guessing from the team notes that a lot of the deaths were a misjudgment of hydreigon's speed/moveset? As, from the look of things, revenge would've been more than enough to take it down after. Personally have had similar situations in my own Nuzlocke runs and quite a few competitive fights.
Regardless, you won! And that's better than this all ending on a wipe! (though it would've been amusing if you came back for revenge with Fart the Stunfisk!
Would be quite a sight to see him try going 8 seconds on that big guy
I 'dig' the setup
I'm guessing he had to make a few stops along the way due to his smoking habits
realizing that this chapter has gone on for almost a year
I saved the day
*everything's on fire*
I appreciate the GSNK reference in the description :P
Noooooo Ooooone
Farms like Toby
No one freaks like Toby
No one dies trying to save his sis like Toby!
@m_celeri: not nearly as bad as on the boat
@m_celeri: nah, it's just the magmar again :P
@H0lyhandgrenade: can learn thunderBOLT though!
@00Stevo: i believe she left the boat before she got the chance
Ah yea, the girl doing 'completely innocent things' in a bathroom stall with a dude
@Holy_Giratina: well if i recall the trio never showed up to the confrontation, not that it ultimately matters as it'll still be 7v7
Looking at the last panel like "wait weren't their 8 of-OH RIGHT, he's dead..."
Brings a whole new meaning to the name Cui'burn'
I'll 1v1 you in Club Piplup!
the one string in the bottom panel looks a bit...transparent
Maybe he's just slowly vanishing from sight starting with the little bits :P
All together now!
Gyar-a-dos! Gyar-a-dos! Gyar-a-dos
When have the words "Everything is fine" ever been true?